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I am currently in the process of applying to take the RN exam in California and also taking classes and refreshers while waiting. The board responded and is requesting for me to send them a copy of my passport back in 2007 which I no longer have because the consulate takes your old passport when you renew it. I am not sure how to proceed and I am scared that because of this, I can never apply for licensing. I sent a message to Philippine consulate but if anyone has information any help is appreciated. Thank you 

Did you inform the requesting BON that you are required to relinquish old passport and no longer have it?

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Here's a cultural tip when dealing with authorities in the U.S. When communicating with the Board of Nursing, it helps to appear confident and share your truth. They are people just like you and respond to authenticity. Avoid approaching the conversation with fear and intimidation, you have done nothing wrong.

Best wishes, you can do this!

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