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Pharmacy tech during nursing school?

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As of right now, I am a CNA with some home care/LTC experience but would like a change. My main question is, to those who were Pharmacy Technicians during nursing school, what shifts did you typically do? How many hours did you typically work per week? Can you work nights as a pharmacy tech and if so, in what settings(nursing home, hospital, mail order, etc.)? what setting did you work in? Assuming most nursing programs run from at least 7-3 everyday and sometimes longer for clinicals, was it hard to keep working with so much schooling and limited hours that you could devote to work? I was hoping to work 20 hours or so per week during my program,would I be setting myself up for failure? What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a pharmacy technician during nursing school?

Thanks. Also, sorry for all the questions, I looked up a lot of things about pharmacy techs but could not find any "typical shifts" or shift information to save the life of me.

I worked as a pharm tech in an inpatient pharmacy in a hospital through the first year of school. I typically worked 10am-7pm on Friday then 9p-7a on Saturday and Sunday.

My program was lecture and/or clinicals on Tues,Wed, Thurs.


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I recently quit my full-time job as a Pharmacy Tech (mail order pharmacy) to go to school for my nursing pre-reqs. I'm having hard time finding a part-time Pharm Tech job with a flexible schedule, but your best bet would be a retail or hospital setting. Good luck.

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Where I live Pharm tech programs are pretty expensive. Seems like an awful lot of debt to add to the cost you'll be paying for the nursing program.

This thread is over a year old. Wonder what the OP decided what they should do and what they did do.


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