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If you were able to bring your dog with you to the camp you are working at, how did you make that work and how was your dog and where was it kept?

The camp I'm working at said I can take my 2 year old dog, small breed, 15 lbs. Loves kids and loves attention, but I wanted to ask how people were able to deal with it. Because I'm planning to either leave him with my parents or see if I can take him with me.


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I took  2 yo +5 yo sons along with 12yo daucshund to camp my first year. My bed room was in the infirmary so easy to leave dog in my room; took him for walks as needed before breakfast, mid afternoon, evening.  Non-med time hours when campers not around, he was let outside on a long chain to play.  Hockey rink was outside my door, so when no one around, he could run inside to hearts content with his ball/toys -- toileted prior to entry.  Other Senior staff brought their dogs, so not a problem.

Enjoy your camp experience!



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Dear Amethya, I am so sorry it took so long to reply.  I have not checked this board in several months.  I hope you did make it to camp this year and are having a meaningful time.  

For what it is worth you did exactly the right thing.  The main thing about pets at camp is they should seldom or never have any contact with campers.  A camper might hurt your furry friend, or the pet might cause harm such as allergies, or bite or scratches.  You did well to check with the camp director and the head nurse.  Great camp nurses are so rare and valuable I was known to car for pets in my own residence, which was away from the health center, just to retain a good nurse.

I wish you all the best, and I would be happy to hear about your experiences this Summer.  Much to my surprise, a special needs camp is in a bit of a jam and I am getting on my horse and going to camp next week for the first time in years.  The adventure never ends.