Petition to pna, ched, and philippine government!


guys can we make a petition letter signed by all nurses here in the philippines??

im reallly disappointed with PNA and our government because they are doing nothing on what's happening in our country!!!

PNA is such a money-making organization because you have to pay 300 yearly but they are useless! the membership has no benefits or whatesoever!!!

and the PNA and the philippine government are allowing hospitals to have a "training fee"!!!

i thought all my sacrifices and sufferings will end after i WRONG!



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Your first effort should be to articulate what it is you want to accomplish!

Take the time to draft your petition stating the purpose of your actions and what you want to accomplish. If it is a petition to raise the salaries of nurses, then state what that payment level should be. If the petition is to require all colleges of nursing to have at least 60% NLE passing rate for graduating students, then make that your main focus.

Simply bemoaning the state of affairs for nurses in the Philippines will gather no sympathetic response from fellow nurses. Be focused and precise in your petition language and then gather as many signatures over the next few months as possible.

I'm sure there are many new graduates who are as baffled as you are about the major problems in nursing, so tap into that and get your fellow nurses involved in your campaign. It may take many months to get this rolling, but you may just be the person to start a movement for the betterment of nursing in the Philippines.

Good luck to you!


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