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Personal negative experience w/ nursing (canada VS. USA)

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Hi! Everybody. I need help. i am currently a 2nd year nursing student in Canada. We have to do a debate regarding recruitment to USA (the good and the bad). I have to do research on the negative side of recruitment. i have thought of many negative effects of recruitment. For example, nursing shortage in canada, worser working condition than before, closing of facilities due to shortages, brain drain, loss of funding from govt, time consuming, a lot of money goes into recruitment, and barriers nurses experience when they go into a new environment/state/country. IF any body has any more ideas it would be very helpful for me. My instructor has mentioned to me, it would be a really strong debate if i had a personal experience from a nurse who was trained or worked in canada and decided to move to the states to work and due to issues move back to canada to practice. Unfortunately i have looked into numerous scholarly journals and have found no personal experience. So, i am looking for help. I need to know what was the reason you chose to go to the states to practice and what was the reason you move back to canada to practice? any info would be excellent. the debate would only include the experience and confidentiality would be kept. i need to know the reasons behind why would you move back to canada to practice if "supposingly" states offer better wages, benefits, bonuses, living etc... If people can email me privately or reply this post, it would be AWESOME!!. :)

My debate is on Monday so the quicker the reply the better. thanks a lot guys. all help would be greatly appreciated!!




i graduated in 1992. @ that time there were NO full time jobs in my city for nurses. i live in a border city to the usa. i went across the border for a job. what a culture shock! nurses were treated as important members of the health care team. there was no bowing or scraping to the almight doctors (like i observed during my training). i had a wonderful career in the usa (emerg). the education dollars the spent on you and the extremely flexible scheduling was wonderful .....

but .....



i was afraid to cross the border and unsure of what pres bush was going to do and what the retaliation might be.


welcome back to canada! i am in a union! i was nursing for 9 yrs but i am at the bottom of the totem pole. i make less money then when i was working in the states (but: less time to get to work, less money for gas, less wear and tear on car, no cross border fee). i have not had any "summer" vacation since i worked in the states (those w/ 20 yrs get 4-6 weeks off, but me with only 3 yrs get "0". my summer vacation this year was from sept28-oct11)

if you have a list of questions you want answers to, private message me and i will help you if i can. :p

so you mean its much better in US than in Canada up to now? i wanna know coz currently here in the Philippines they are recruiting nurses for Canada since there is a retrogresion

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so you mean its much better in US than in Canada up to now? i wanna know coz currently here in the Philippines they are recruiting nurses for Canada since there is a retrogresion

This thread is several years old. There are already threads in the International forum discussing working in Canada. Please do not think working in Canada is a stepping stone to working in the US, they are 2 different countries.

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