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I have to write Personal Learning Objectives for my Senior Capstone placement on a Med-Surg floor. Any suggestions for what I could use? I definitely need one that brings in Leadership. Thanks!

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Best bet - get a copy of previous capstone projects to get a clear idea of what is expected.

First of all, what is the focus or overall goal of your project? (why would it be valuable? why is it important? what would justify all the work you are going to put into it?)

Then - come up with some things you want to happen as a result of the project. They can be related to the work that will go into the project or things that you should be able to accomplish as a result of completing the project.

Example: You want to build a house of cards. Project Goal: to create a structurally sound 4 foot tall structure composed entirely of playing cards by the end of the semester. Objectives could include: Design accurately scaled designs for three different types of structures that could be used to accomplish the goal; Calculate the number of standard decks of cards needed for each of the three designs, keeping in mind that colors must be alternated for each row; Determine the most effective method for placing cards in a three sided, mutually dependent arrangement; . .

Remember, your objectives have to be realistic and measurable. Don't try to be too ambitious - this is a learning exercise, not a cure for world hunger. Objectives will describe the "work" that you will be doing on your capstone and they'll be used to evaluate your progress/success.

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CAPSTONE [kap-stohn]


1. a finishing stone of a structure.

2.the crowning achievement, point, element, or event.


1350-1400; Middle English. See cap1 , stone

You are at the point near the end of your nursing education where you are applying for your senior capstone and you have no idea what you want to do with what you've learned, how to have a more advanced opportunity learn about it, and what resources might help you do that? Hmmm. Think about that for a bit and then try again.


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I have many ideas about what I want to do with what I've learned, I am just asking for help in phrasing general objectives and thought this was a website that is okay to ask for help on. Please don't reply if you are going to be rude about it.

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You did not tell us what your goals were, or any of what you wanted to do with it; you did not ask for help with your writing. It sounded like you had no idea what to write about other than something that "brings in Leadership," which could mean pretty much anything.

Special language is not required. One of the most irritating things a nursing professor or an HR person has to deal with is students who feel that they have to use flowery or "academic" language to say what can be said in plain English.

It is perfectly acceptable to say, "I want to learn more about how RNs delegate tasks to unlicensed personnel and evaluate the results," for example. I have no idea if that's on your list, but consider it a gift. You're welcome.

If you'd like to try again, you can. AllNurses is a great place for students to get help, but as per the TOS we don't do your work for you (and we get a LOT of those requests). Tell us what you have and we'll help you get going in the right direction.