Persistence Pays Off for New Grads


As many new nurses know, the "nursing shortage" is over. It is so challenging to find a new graduate position these days in many areas of the country. I had one nurse recruiter recently tell me for every new graduate position posted, they receive 100 applications. Think about do you stand out? I recently began applying to jobs and felt so discouraged when I was not even getting an interview. So I contacted HR departments via telephone, asked for nurse recruiters, made appointments to meet with them or started routine (like every 2-3 days) email correspondence with those who didn't have a chance to meet. In two weeks time, I had three offers! Professional persistence pays off. I wish everyone luck in getting new graduate positions. If the opportunities don't come to you, go out and get them for yourselves! :)


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That's awesome congratulations! Where I live, they have voicemails picking up in all of the HR offices for nursing recruitment or operators who don't pass on calls if you aren't on the list.


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So, when you call the HR department, how do you start the conversation? I know sometimes they don't like calls, so I'm just wondering for future reference.

That is really great! Congratulations futurebsn2b!!

Would you be able to give more of an in depth description of what exactly you did? I am very interested to heart more about your efforts!

Like, did you contact all hospitals or just hospitals that you felt were new grad friendly? And yes, if you could possibly tell us how you would start the conversation with nurse recruiters it would be so great!

How receptive were nurse recruiters when you would do this? I'm guessing the ones who gave you offers were very receptive. I guess I just don't know how to initially go about this, so if you could give possibly more of a step by step with what you would do I would be ever so grateful.

Congrats again!! And thank you for sharing your story!

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Yes, it would be interesting to know how to break through to those folks. I am only starting my ASBN in Jan, but want to be forearmed.

I tried to connect with HR at my local hospital a year ago when I was just trying to decide whether to go down the nursing path (I am changing careers) - just to have an informational interview, to see what they are looking for, which schools they most respect etc.etc. I was looking for a quick 15 minutes. I e-mailed, I followed up with calls - NOTHING in response. And, mind you, I have been a volunteer at that hospital for 3 years at that point and was referred to them by the volunteer department. So, I am not very encouraged by that experience.


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I think the harsh reality is that some area's do not want new grads.


However I do agree that persistence will most likely pay!


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sMoLsNurse -

started by saying (or writing - sometimes I had to email and I found email addresses by searing online for hospital x nurse recruiter) something to the effect of "I have a sincere interest of working at your hospital. I realize how competitive the market is now - especially for a new nurse - but I would really like to meet with a nurse recruiter to talk about how I can gain an interview opportunity. I have applied for many positions and have not received a call for an interview. Is there someone who can help me?" If I volunteered or precepted there, I through that in too. Or if you can find any connection to the hospital like "I recently visited a friend who had surgery there and was impressed with the nursing staff". Don't lie but use anything you can to make a connection. Good luck!!!!


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TooProudToMention -

See my previous reply to sMolsNurse, but also I contacted every hospital in the area. Surprisingly, I had one nurse recruiter tell me she only replies to people who contact her at least 3 times a week for a month...I think that is excessive but a call and an email once a week will certainly pay off after a few weeks. You can be professional and polite without coming across like a stalker. Like I would email every time I applied for a new position at the hospital and just say "I just applied for this position x. I know I would be an ideal candidate for this job because of x, y, z". It took a lot of work and effort, but it paid off. Good luck!!!


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INN_777 -

If you are a volunteer, then use someone you know at the hospital to get you in front of a recruiter. You would be amazed how many people are willing to help if you speak up. Ask a nurse manager or any manager to help you get 10 minutes of recruiter face time. Good luck!!!