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Hi , I would like to ask for some good books or reading materials on periop 101, im an NP and would like to eventually dive into tbe OR but my experience is cvicu/cardiac surgery. Are there any books or modules I can buy? im interested so I can do some self learning. I looked into a program and its about $3k to enroll just in periop 101. would greatly appreciate ! thank u! 

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Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery and the AORN Guidelines are essentially the "bible" of the OR. If you are currently employed at a facility with ORs, see if they subscribe to AORN eGuidelines. You'd only be able to access them at work, but it's a subscription to the resource that you'd otherwise have to pay for.

thank you so much, ill try to get those books, and see if we r subscribed at aorn eguidelines! 

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I was also coming here to say Alexanders.  I might have an extra copy, let me check for you.

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