Perinatal Research?


Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone has done research about complications in pregnancy or pregnancy loss. I’m early on my path to becoming a nurse but wondering if there is a possibility to do research in those areas or if that is more of something MD students or practitioners would do. 

Is there somewhere I can look to find nurse research in those areas? 

Thank you!

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Your title caught my eye. Yes, I used to be a perinatal research nurse. You need to look at facilities that are part of/affiliated with large teaching hospitals. There are only 2 organizations in the US that I'm aware of that has a dedicated research department that is specific to perinatal research. One is University of Colorado/Children's Hospital Colorado, and the other one is in Portland, OR. CHOP may also have one. Look for large children's hospitals, they often have research departments.


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I've been a labor and delivery nurse for seven years and I am now becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner so I can help those with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Not sure if this helps yah at all but best of luck to you