Per visit rates?


I've got some interviews coming up. If any of you have been keeping up with my never ending saga, I'm looking at admissions positions. My company currently pays $65 for admissions and $40 for visits in the Pittsburgh region. This is pretty much the going rate for my area so what I would consider average. What would be a reasonable "good" rate? Just wanting to know what the high end of the scale might be.


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I don't do admissions or such. Just got my first job where I was offered two rates of pay, one for continuous care and one for visits. For visits I was offered $25 a visit which I guess is pretty good for the area (slightly lower that the rest of the state) and the fact that I'm an LVN versus RN. I would think RNs are being paid more. However, I've determined that my new employer is as cheap as they come. They don't pay the legal pay for overtime, so they are probably getting over on our pay rates also. I have seen ads for as much as $6/hr more for continuous care. But the trick is getting those employers to hire you and live up to their talk.

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