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Per Diem vs Full time in San Francisco

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I am currently thinking about applying for a per diem job in the San Francisco Bay area.  Does anyone have any experience working per diem in the Bay area?  I am specifically wondering how many hours I can expect to get working nights per diem.  

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Ashley_SF has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Dialysis.

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I work per diem in San Francisco and get as many hours as I want, but I think it depends on the hospital and the specialty. I work in a specialty that allows me to float to another hospital in our system if the census is low on my home unit. 

I accepted the position in March and this is my first experience working per diem, so my data is limited. But, I have a friend who has been a per diem ICU nurse for years at the same hospital and he flies in from out of state every week. As far as I know he's never had issues getting his hours in. 

I work days and my friend works nights. 

I would ask the hiring manager how many hours you can expect to work. They should be open and honest about expectations. 

I hope this helps!

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