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I have recently graduated and received my RN license. I have been applying all over the Sacramento region for an RN position. I would prefer a full-time position but I am realistic. I realize there is a good chance as a new nurse I would be offered a per-diem position (if I am offered a job of course);).

Any nurses with experiences building from per-diem to full-time (especially in the Sacramento area) ... How long did it take you to progress to a full-time position? What are some of the challenges of working per-diem? Thank you for your advice!

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There biggest challenge for a new grad accepting a PRN job? Orientation and adequate support for transition to practice.... This can be a lengthy process. Make sure that the employer has a plan to ensure that this happens. If you're only working once shift a week, it will take you 3X as long as other new grads who are working full time (3 shifts per week).

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When I was a new grad Lvn in this region, about 2 years ago, I wanted prn work. The facility I worked for (not acute) required basically full time orientation- 3-4 8 hr shifts on nocs, PMs and days on each unit. A 5th day was provided if you asked.

After I completed orientation I worked per diem 2-6 shifts per week. We were required to work 4 per month. Within 4/5 months, I was offered a full time position.

I'm not sure how acute care facilities offer orientation, though.


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Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it.