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I'm thinking about moving from Chicago down to the Pensacola area late this Spring or Summer.

I have 38 yrs. Nursing experience. I have 28 yrs. of Oncology experience & am OCN certified. I also worked Home Care (Part-Time) for 10 yrs. & did High Tech visits.

I'm planning to look for something in Home Care.

Any idea how the Home Care Climate is in this area? Is there much of a demand for Home Care Nurses?


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I don't work homecare so I don't know much about it here but I do know that I see ads sometimes for positions. Especially, hospice, if you are interested.

I'm sure you know that the pay is not what you are used to. But, it's a good place to call home. :)


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I would really do my homework before moving here. Call the home health agencies and hospice here and get a telephone interview. Housing has almost doubled here since Hurricane Ivan. Things have settled down quite a bit, but this city is a far cry from Chicago! The pay for nurses here is horrible and not worth the headache of doing this career (at least here) for me any longer. If pay is important make them give you an offer before you go to the trouble to move and ask for relocation reimbursement. With hospice or home health however, I would be surprised if they did.

Good luck

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