Who Has the Best Accelerated BSN Program in Philadelphia?

  1. Hi,

    I'm a recent college grad (BA in Anthropology) and am currently taking pre-reqs so that I can enroll in an accelerated BSN program here in Philadelphia. I was wondering if anyone could offer information on the following accelerated programs:

    Drexel ACE
    Jefferson FACT
    UPenn Accelerated BSN

    I've heard alot of "chatter" through the grapevine about all of these programs, but mostly from non Nurses and I'm looking for some concrete, valid opinions.

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  3. by   msdizzydolores
    i'll respond here too:

    eastern university has an excellent accelerated bsn program.
    i work for the university and our class starts soon.

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  4. by   raquelphiladelphia
    I heard that Drexel is horrible. Don't go there! I will check out Eastern University. Thanks
  5. by   sloaneparker
    The Eastern U site is down - not a good sign:


    also, why did you hear Drexel is so bad?
  6. by   fins
    Jefferson FACT program has a very low attrition rate, and an almost 100% NCLEX pass rate. Drexel also has a very high NCLEX pass rate, but (I've heard) a much higher attrition rate. Penn's program (when I looked several years ago) was at least 18 months long, which is longer than the others.
  7. by   AtomicWoman
    Penn's is ridiculously expensive. IMO. And not worth it, at least in terms of NCLEX pass rates (they're usually in the low 90% range). It may help you get a job at Penn if you go to Penn, but I don't know.

    I got accepted to FACT and start in May. Tuition is just about the same as Drexel, but the FACT students seem a teensy bit less frazzled than the ACE students.

    Research 'em all and decide what's best for you. You may decide you like Drexel's program length (I think it's 11 months) or Jefferson's emphasis on getting you some MSN credits while you do your BSN, or Penn's Ivy League reputation.

    Don't forget to check Villanova's BSN Express and LaSalle's program while you're at it.

    Here are NCLEX pass rates through 2007, but it doesn't differentiate between ABSN and BSN programs at the same school:

  8. by   LUXOR21
    Does Eastern have an evening program? I mean a program that classes start after 4pm.
  9. by   XLFord
    Drexel ACE has a 98.6% NCLEX passing rate, and that is since the program started. I am a bit biased, I am a ACE Student myself. I wouldn't say it's horrible, but it is definately hard, but I'd imagine so for all the other accelerated courses in the area.
  10. by   raquelphiladelphia
    Has anyone heard of the st josephs' nursing school. It is a one year RN accelerated course.
  11. by   blueberrimuffins
    Just graduated from University of Pennsylvania's Accelerated BSN program. It is very expensive BUT they have a VERY generous financial aid program if you demonstrate financial need. They also just instituted a no loan financial aid program for undergraduate students which means they will give you all the financial aid you show that you need so that you will graduate without having to take out any loans.

    I would highly recommend this accelerated program based on the quality of MOST of the clinical instructors, the great clinical sites we are placed at (#1 children's hospital, #10 adult hospital, one of the best labor and delivery departments), and the great opportunities we have to interact with leading nursing professors and researchers. The 17.5 month program is also not so condensed that you're dying every week, and gave me enough time to work 10-15 hrs a week as part of a research team, and to volunteer at a community clinic. The only downside is that you are in class during summers (which isn't rare for accelerated programs), which takes away the opportunity to do a nurse externship, which hospitals usually look for when deciding to hire.

    I had clinicals with accelerated Drexel students, and they just seemed to be very worn out by the program and having to juggle 3 different clinical rotations at once. Seems very tough!

    Please pm me with any additional questions!
  12. by   kwanee
    Do you think a single mother with 2 small children 5 & 6 years old can handle it at Penn?
  13. by   raquelphiladelphia
    I heard peen is a great school but challenging. I am a mother of 4 it can be done but hopefully you have a supportive husband who will help out while in school. Otherwise it will be difficult but not impossible.
  14. by   blueberrimuffins
    I agree with the above message. Penn was pretty challenging and time consuming, and I found it tough even with no dependents to support. However, I still did have time to volunteer and hold a part-time job working 10-15 hrs/week, so maybe that can give you a little bit of a gauge. The 2 summers that you do as part of the program are definitely a lot more time consuming than the regular spring and fall semesters.

    I definitely think you could handle it though, with the right support figures in your life to help you during the busy periods.