Whistle Blower Protections Goes to Committee

  1. from psna newsletter

    house health and human services committee members will discuss house bill 2371 and possibly send it out to the full house for a vote.

    hb2371 calls for a toll-free line for doctors, nurses and other health professionals to confidentially report problems pertaining to patient safety and quality of care. these reports would be investigated by the patient safety authority, which would determine fines guilty parties. this bill also protects individuals making from any retaliation from guilty parties. support hb2371 here.
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  3. by   Torachan
    Don't know how things are in the US but here in Australia we hate "cobber dobbers" and traditionally whistle-blowers are crucified. This is despite the fact that the decision is never taken lightly, they have exhausted all the "right" channels and have very real concerns regarding public safety. I can't see this attitude changeing at all.