Where to live in Philly (jefferson)?

  1. Hi!

    I'll be attending Thomas Jefferson Univ. and I'm curious about where a good place to live is... either in the city - near the school or in the close, surrounding areas.

    Can anyone recommend any areas or apartment complexes?
    Mostly I need somewhere that has parking and is close to public transportation.. and I would like to live somewhere that is fairly safe.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   RN34TX
    I lived in Philly for a few years, very close to Jefferson.
    There are plenty of apartments within walking distance to Jefferson in Center City. If you live in Center City you can pretty much walk to everything, it's a fun and exciting area to be in.
    And even if it is still too far or too cold to walk, there are plenty of cabs and trains to take you everywhere around town.
    Center City is more expensive and as safe as any East coast city possibly can be, but moving to more outlying areas of Philly like some of the north and west areas can be less expensive but very dangerous.

    If you have or want a car, parking is a luxury. I paid $200 per month for a covered parking spot back in the late 90's and that was average. You may get away with an open lot spot for less, but then there's insurance to think about. Rates are outrageous in Philadelphia.

    If I were you, I'd get a small modest Center City apartment, sell your car, and walk or take the train to work and school.
    If you are going to school at Jefferson and working downtown as well, you might as well live there and in that case you won't need a car and it will save you plenty while you are a student.
  4. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    you can always live in the suburbs and take the train into town if ur classes are all together and dont mind the ride. cheaper depending where in the suburbs and safer in that sense and you can keep your car.
  5. by   charleybarley
    Thank you both for the reply...

    Right now I live in West Chester which is about 45 mins from the city. I could definitely take the train from exton or malvern into philly and get dropped off close to jefferson.

    I'm trying to decide if its worth getting the apartment in philly- where it will cost a whole lot- but I will be closer to classes (then again- clinicals can be anywhere- so there is no saying that I will be close to my clinicals). The other good thing about an apt- is that I will have my own quiet space to study (whereas home is noisy and crazy).

    Or- I could stay home (which will save soo much money in rent/parking) and then have longer rides into the city each day. The drawback is not having the space to study.

    I really don't mind living at home, and my parents don't care- but my mom is just worried that there will be so much work and I will be too distracted. It will be long days, and lots of driving if I stay in WC- but I'll save money.

    Any ideas on what I should do? Is it soo important to have you own apartment?!
  6. by   sean8d
    Hey, I am in the same situation. I rent a room off a lady with a 3 story house in Manayunk. I only stay there 4 nights a weeks, and go home the other days. I jump on the 27 bus right down the block and it has me in CC in 15 minutes. Best of all we agreed on my rent to be under $300 - which makes it worth it - remember though, I need to share a bathroom with 1 other person. But I think it's a great deal. There are people out there that rent out rooms to nursing students.
    Good Luck
  7. by   ER1010
    Advice from someone who goes there: don't live too far! In fact, living on campus was the best thing I did. Class times change daily, and being able to go home and make yourself a sandwich is priceless!

    If you must live off campus, I would go with university city, art museum area, or south philly if you have a bike. If you want more info, PM me!
  8. by   buddhababy2monster
    I'm starting at Jeff too in May and I'm taking the high speed line in from Jersey. If I wasn't married with kids I would live on or near campus. Much more convenient and it's only for a year. Think of all the extra sleep you'll be getting while the rest of us are commuting!