What PA State Nurses Association did for YOU and for Nursing

  1. year in review 2008

    what psna does for you and nursing in pennsylvania


    political action committee:
    • hosted lobby day at capital (with more than 100 rns)
      • save the date: may 6, 2009
    • extended bipartisan support to nurse-friendly legislators and legislators in key leadership positions
    • educated nurses and student nurses on the importance of professional advocacy
    provided testimony and remarks on:
    • title "nurse" protection
    • health care employee identification badges
    • access to basic health care for the uninsured/under insured
    • clinical nurse specialist regulations
    • continued competency regulations
    • assisted living facility regulations
    • access to oral care for the elderly
    • the dangers of drug importation
    • more funding for research on children's food allergies
    • definition of "surgery"
    • introduced title "nurse" protection legislation
    • successfully advocated for the passage of mandatory overtime legislation
    • fought for increased reimbursement for school nurse services
    • supported legislation that requires that all circulating nurses be rns
    • introduced a resolution declaring may 6-12 as nurses week in pennsylvania
    on the horizon:
    • will introduce safe staffing legislation in 2009
    • continue to promote educational advancement for rns
    working for you:
    • psna held five town hall meetings to discuss concerns and practice issues with local nurses statewide.
    • submitted a bid for a nurse peer assistance program, a winner has yet to be announced
    • coordinated rn administrators for the office of public health preparedness servpa registry

    [color=#333399]committees and coalitions
    • pa nursing congress on practice, education and policy (24 specialty organization members)
    • pa educational advancement coalition
    • environmental health committee
    • disaster preparedness task force
    • new 2 practice connection
    • pa centers for health careers
    • psna is an american nurses credentialing center accredited continuing education approver unit and provider unit
    • self study ce opportunities in the pa nurse
    • hosted 20 educational sessions across the state focusing on mandatory ce requirements for act 58
    • leadership development through the rising star leadership program for nurse managers with more than two years of work experience
    • the cabinet on nursing practice and professional development developed three position statements in 2008: access to maternity care in pennsylvania, end of life care education and medication take back
    • the 105th annual summit was held in state college featuring lee woodruff. twenty-two poster presentations were featured at the practice showcase.
    [color=#333399]memebership growth
    • new specialty nursing organizational affiliate members added this year
    • psna membership has increased almost 24% in two and a half years
    • state membership only $99
    [color=#333399]nursing foundation of pa
    • awarded 11 student nursing scholarships
    • awarded one nursing research scholarship
    • supported school nurses in fighting childhood obesity


    year in review 2007

    [color=#221e1f]legislative rallies at state capitol:
    • [color=#221e1f]in collaboration with pennsylvanians united for affordable healthcare, provided remarks concerning the prescription for pennsylvania and cover all pennsylvanians
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]attended two rallies on the governor's initiatives
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]provided remarks at rally for lawsuit abuse/malpractice tort reform with former governor dick thornburgh
    [color=#221e1f]state board of nursing (sbon):
    • [color=#221e1f]assisted in drafting the regulations for hb 1254 (title protection for clinical nurse specialists) in conjunction with sbon
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]provided input at committee meetings regarding nursing regulations
    • [color=#221e1f]provided comment on the regulations for mandatory ce requirements in conjunction with sbon
    [color=#221e1f]provided testimony and remarks on:
    • [color=#221e1f]testimony on title protection for clinical nurse specialists
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]testimony on the "prescription for pennsylvania"
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]testimony on interstate nurse licensure compact
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]remarks on the department of health's sexual assault victim emergency services regulations
    [color=#221e1f]on the horizon:
    • [color=#221e1f]develop a peer assistance program for nurses within pennsylvania
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]initiate rn +10 legislation
    • [color=#221e1f][color=#221e1f]work in conjunction with the office of public health emergency preparedness to develop a nurse registry
    [color=#221e1f]house and senate bills:
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 700 "prescription for pa," psna supports the legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 1253 expanded scope of practice for crnp, passed: (act 48) psna supported this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 1254 title protection for clinical nurse specialists, passed: (act 49), psna supported this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 1255 prescriptive authority for nurse midwives, passed: (act 50), psna supported this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]sb 968 reduce hospital acquired infections, passed: (act 52), psna supported this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 834 bans mandatory overtime for nurses, passed in house by a vote of (166-31), psna supports this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 549 interstate nurse licensure compact, psna does not support this legislation as written
    • [color=#221e1f]hb 1556 insurance coverage mentally/physically handicapped and provides dependant coverage to age 29, psna supports this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]sb 246 smoke free pennsylvania act, psna supports this legislation
    • [color=#221e1f]conducted the first rising star nurse leadership program.
    • [color=#221e1f]psna board of directors voted to continue the rising star nurse leadership class, with the next being held in 2008.
    • [color=#221e1f]the first continuing education article appeared in pa nurse in june 2007 and will be in every quarterly issue.
    • [color=#221e1f]held a panel discussion on education advancement for rns (rn+10) at the 2007 annual summit.
    • [color=#221e1f]formed the first statewide pa nursing congress on practice, education, and policy in 2007.
    • [color=#221e1f]the 2007 annual summit was held in harrisburg. this year's theme was striving, thriving, and surviving in your workplace
    • [color=#221e1f]2008 annual summit to be held in state college at the penn stater, october 3 and 4, 2008.
    • [color=#221e1f]conducted an environmental health educational conference in philadelphia in september 2007.
    • [color=#221e1f]launched a partnership with the graduate education foundation to offer on line continuing education. psna is the first nursing association to partner with gef.
    • [color=#221e1f]launched mona, my online nursing assistant, an online ce repository plus more .....
    2005-2006 highlights:
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    I have to admit that I just joined the PA State Nursing Association so I could put it on my resume. Don't really know how they are really helping me personally.
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