West Mount Airy?

  1. Hi All,

    I've only posted a few times, but each time has been with respect to my relocation from NY to Philly. Well, my husband and I just looked at a townhouse in W. Mount Airy, a few blocks from Chestnut Hill. Could anyone give their thoughts/opinions? My mother-in-law lives in Abington, and her comments regarding the space were along the lines of "It's ok - if that's the kind of area you want to live in..." She said it with a slightly disparaging tone. I love the suburbs (I grew up in the suburbs in SC) but I am also coming from living in NY for the last 9 years. I kinda thought W. Mount Airy was a nice little happy medium. But now I'm not sure.

    Could someone shed some light? I need objective comments.

    Also, I am finishing up pre-reqs for nursing school. Is it too late to apply to some of the hospital programs for the fall? I am open to day or evening/pt programs. In your opinions, is one program easier to get into than another?

    This is a second career for me coming off Wall Street, and I have a 3.8 GPA. I'm 30 years old, and much more focused than I was the first time around for school. I hear that there is a huge demand for nurses, but I kee reading that all of the programs are hard to get into. I am not usually afraid of competition, but I am worried because I would be a new PA resident. Would this be held against me? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated as well.

    eta: Oh, I am considering applying to the following: CCP, Abington, Temple, Roxborough...I thought it made more sense for me to do RN then bridge program to get BSN.
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  3. by   Jolie
    I'm not sure why she has a bee in her bonnet over this area. I've always thought it was fairly nice.

    Are you sure you want to live so near to her? (I am not kidding when I ask this!)
  4. by   catlvr
    I live in Mt Airy, and LOVE it...have been here for two years, and honestly cannot imagine living anywhere else in Philadelphia, even if I could afford to live in Center City *smile*. You can walk to most of the stuff that you need in daily life (coffee shop, restaurants, groceries, library, etc), have easy access to two train lines to the Universities and Center City, the architecture is diverse and fabulous, but best of all - the people really care about the neighborhood. All sorts of folks live here, and get along pretty well. PM me if you want more info!
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Several colleagues live in that area, love it and I've visited patients there.

    Multicultural area with variety stores, wider streets, bigger homes than in other sections of city without too high taxes, lower crime, near trains etc.
    Chestnut Hill next section over is more $$$: Can save some to pay for education. Good choice.
  6. by   BelleRN2B
    Thanks all for your thoughts. I don't feel so bad now. It's hard not being from the area. I was starting to doubt myself. I do sometimes wonder what it will be like living so close to her. I love her, but she has a strong influence over her son sometimes, and, well, we're just not cut from the same cloth. But that's neither here nor there. I need to count my blessings as far as she is concerned, because it could always be worse!

    I'm excited about moving into the area! We'll be right by the train station, the R8 or something or another. Now, if I can just decide about applying to programs, everything will fall right in line!
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Might want to look at Harcum College Nursing Program --- Bryn Mawr area
    Harcum College: Nursing

    Drexel' s ACE program is one year accelerated program if already have BS degree

    Good luck with move and school!
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  8. by   nursingis4me
    [font="georgia"]hi bellern2b,
    i've lived in philly all my life and have actually resided in east mt. airy since the late 70's. both sections of mt. airy are very nice, with west mt. airy being more upscale. you've picked a really nice area to live in. as far as schools go, from what i know, abington has one of the best hospital based programs (dixon school of nursing). also, seriously checkout thomas jefferson university hospital's program-you can enter as a junior if you have the necessary reqs and pass their other requirements. their program is very hard but the people i know who went thru it all say it was worth it. i think they may also have something for those who are changing careers but already have a bsn. sorry, but i don't have their website addresses to pass along to you. good luck with your choice of school and your move to philly-welcome !!!!
  9. by   bigmona
    My husband and I *just* bought a house in West Mt. Airy and are settling on it in January. We CAN'T WAIT! We went up to look at a house there and immediately fell in love with the area. It's diverse, green, feels more suburban with retaining some city aspects, easy access to center city with the train, and some very good schools around there. Most people from Philly will tell you what a nice place Mt. Airy is.

    check out Germantown / Mt. Airy / Chestnut Hill - PhillyBlog - Philadelphia if you have more questions.
  10. by   BelleRN2B
    You are all so helpful! I love this board for the plethora of information in so many areas...

    Good to see there are a lot of people in the Mt. Airy area. Perhaps hosting a get together after the turn of the year might be on the horizon!

    I'll also have to look into the Harcum program.
  11. by   mom to a PRINCESS
    Did you look into LaSalle? I graduated from there and I thought it was a great nursing program. They have a part-time eve/weekend program for those who don't have a nursing degree. I don't even think you have to have a degree already to get in. Just the prereqs like micro,a&P, chem, etc. They also have 2 campuses and main campus is pretty close to Mt. Airy. Jeff also has the 1 year FACT program and is for individuals with a non-nursing degree. Good luck!!