UPMC Mercy School of Nursing

  1. Just curious if anyone out there is attending in the fall.
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  3. by   nicolerj116
    I am! So is my sister and a friend of hers. I can't wait.
  4. by   kbm318
    Can any of you tell me how the Mercy program is now that you are in it? I'm debating between both Mercy and Shadyside and I don't know which may be a better "fit"
  5. by   nicolerj116
    i love it! I really do. It is so interesting and the teachers are great. they are really nice. if you have specific questions let me know. I really like the schedule, its great. i have one long day and one short day of lecture and then 4 hours of skills lab and 4 hours of clinical in a week. if you can get anatomy and all the other electives out of the way i would do that.
  6. by   kbm318
    I'm really glad to hear that you like it. The only questions I have are what time is your earliest class and how much did all your books cost just like an estimate lol. Oh and for your skills lab do you have someone teaching you and helping or do you learn it onyour own? And I already have my anatomy and stuff so I hope I can transfer them.
  7. by   nicolerj116
    They will take any classes that are from the last five years. so hopefully yours are. I had a few that were too old. Monday I have clinical from 7 am - 11. We are split into groups of 8 and assigned a room with usually two students to a room ( 1 per patient). The teachers are so helpful and dont just throw you in there. The nurses are nice too. Wednesday is skills lab from 7-11 again. You are in your clinical group and you go to the lab where you learn things on dummies. The clinical isntructor will show you really helpful videos on what the topic that week is and then you will practice on dummies. Lecture on the other two days doesn't start until 8. One day its over at 12 the other 3. They send you a book list so you can order from Rittenhouse but I got half of my books from Amazon for cheaper. I ended up spending about 500 total, maybe a little less.
  8. by   Binder
    how hard is it to get into the School of Nursing @ Mercy college???