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I am applying to the Second degree nursing program at UPenn. I've decided not to go for the direct entry BSN/MSN program since I am not at ALL ready for the GRE (if they decide that I absolutely HAVE... Read More

  1. by   cari191
    Quote from AnnieBopannie
    Hi everyone! I just found this thread, as I have also been accepted to Upenn. Does anyone know when the financial aid packages are being sent out? I turned in all my info by the Dec 15th deadline, so I'm hoping I will hear back soon. I have already put down a deposit on a school (to hold my spot), but still waiting to hear back from 3 schools and their financial aid packages. I can't fully accept an offer until I know what I will be paying.
    Hey Annie,
    I can't remember the date exactly but I'm pretty sure we will have our financial aid packages in about two weeks. I know it will def be before March 20th when we have to make a final decision. But check that email they sent earlier this week for a specific date!
  2. by   guacAmole
    got my financial aid package, but still waiting on news for the RWJ scholarship. anyone else still in the same boat? i know we're supposed to have our results by now and i keep my checking my email, but i don't see anything...
  3. by   Simplybliss
    Hi all!

    First of all Congrats to everyone who has been admitted! I'm a prospective student looking to apply after I finish my remaining pre-reqs this summer.

    Would any of you be so kind to share your stats in terms of your GPA, degree you were awarded in undergrad, and whether you had any prior health related experience prior to applying?

    The reason why I'm asking and posting on this thread is because I would like to have a sense what the school is looking for.

    I have a 3.8 GPA and received my B.S. in Psychology. I've been working as a paralegal for the last two years and although my grades seem ok..I'm afraid I won't be at par with future applicants who graduated with science degrees and had health/ science related work experiences.

    Any insight would truly truly be appreciated! Please PM me or post here if you can!
    Again CONGRATS to everyone who has been accepted!

    Thanks in advance!!
  4. by   Christopher19r85

    Were you ever able to acquire a snapshot of accepted BS MSN students? I'm looking to apply next year to the accelerated program and I'd love to know where I stand

    Any help would be wonderful