UPenn BSN/MSN 2010 - page 2

Just thought id start a new thread for those who are waiting to hear back from upenn's bsn/msn program. The waiting is killing me. I dont think i have a chance at getting in (low GPA/GRE scores), but... Read More

  1. by   b3starr
    Did anyone else get the scary email from admissions saying when we can check the portal to see our admission decisions?
  2. by   ESH427
    I got that email and it just about gave me a heart attack!! I appreciate the email and the deadline though. Only one more week until part of our destiny unfolds...
  3. by   Grig_CA
    I nervously checked my status online today at 3:00 EST and I was warmly congratulated as I was accepted into the ABSN program, followed by a more casual e-mail informing me about the MSN portion of the program! I couldn't be more happy, as I was so fond of UPenn when I went to visit. However, now I have to make a really tough choice whether to attend Hopkins or Penn.
  4. by   b3starr
    Congrats Grig_CA!
  5. by   KellyJH
    Congrats Grig CA! I too was accepted!!! What master's specialty are you in? I have applied to 4 other schools including UCSF (my interview was actually right before I checked my Penn status) so I won't hear other decisions for at least a month but Penn is one of my top 2!
  6. by   Grig_CA
    Congrats to you too, KellyJH! I'm going in for the FNP specialty. UPenn is a wonderful school, but I hope you get into UCSF! Keep us updated on what happens.
  7. by   b3starr
    Hey everyone! Is anyone planning to go to the open house at the end of Feb?? Also there anyone who for sure decided on Penn yet??
  8. by   KellyJH
    Hey b3starr,

    I would really like to attend the Penn Admit Day b/c I have not yet seen the campus but not sure whether I will be able to get the time off/afford the plane ticket out there... are you planning to go?
  9. by   amojo99
    i am going to the open house. i registered right after i got in. i am kind of a geek like that. i really wanted to check out the campus again when they just had to sell themselves to me, and not the other way around. i also wanted to meet my future classmates without the nervousness caused by interviews.

    i'm 90% sure i'm going to penn.
  10. by   b3starr
    I want to go, but, just like KellyJH, im not sure if i can afford the plane ticket right now.

    amojo99 - what specialty are you?
  11. by   amojo99
    fnp. you?
  12. by   b3starr
    Doh! forgot to include my specialty. Im WHNP
  13. by   carrietc
    Hello all! I'm glad I found this thread! =) I am about 95% sure that I will be attending Penn in the June, and I'm excited to meet my potential classmates.

    I am planning on pursuing neonatal NP as a specialty.

    Has anyone thought about living situations? I'm a little concerned about how to find housing.

    I look forward to talking to you guys!