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Just wanted to know how many people here are planning to apply for the accelerated program at UPenn in 2011? (one starts in the summer)... Read More

  1. by   zoowiggle
    Anyone on the waitlist heard back yet?
  2. by   iridium54
    Well I contacted Filomena about a week ago and she told me she wasn't even sure if they would be able to pull from the waiting list and that they should have an answer by next Friday (aka yesterday). She had told me before that they would tell us if we WOULDN'T be getting in after May 15. So I feel like they are trying to cover their behinds a bit regarding telling us if we are in or not.

    What's everyone's plan B? I don't even have one set yet, it is currently in the works. :/
  3. by   lpatel
    Hi everyone, Actually I new to this forum and i am planning to apply for accelerated BSN program in Upenn for 2012. I have Bs, Ms with 3.7 GPA. but i donot have any volunteer exp in nursing. As i passed thru the stats of many applicants i saw many of them have some sort of related exp. Do you have any idea wht are the basic requirements to get into Upenn BSN program? Ur help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   runawayface
    Hi everyone. Congratulations on making it through the application process. I'm applying to UPenn's ABSN program this year and want to get started on my application early.

    Could one of you who applied post last year's essay prompts for the ABSN, and possibly the MSN as well?

    The application for this year isn't available yet, and I'm crossing my fingers that I will get a faster reply through this thread than emailing admissions.

    Many thanks! Good luck to those of you still waiting to hear about admission.
  5. by   Platinum_One
    I can understand this thought process. I have been there myself.

    I just keep in mind that you never know where life will take you. Give 100% to the choices you make...this way if you decide to take another turn later, there will be no regrets.

    I once spoke with a nurse whose husband was a gynecologist. She gave me some insight into the profession of nursing. She says it's not for everyone and many don't realize it until they are working as a nurse. So she suggested that I work as a nurse first and then decide if it is truly for me, or if I want to be a physician (as I will get to see what their job entails as well).

    If so, then great! lol I will be on my way to getting an MSN. If not, then I will evaluate if I have really exhausted all of the s nursing career options that might be a better fit. If I come to the conclusion that it's not for me...I MAY begin to think about Med school.

    But to be honest I highly doubt med school is in my future (as logic tells me now). But you never know, change is one thing you can bet on in life.

    And there is going to have to be a HUGE calling deep down inside for me to go that route. The prestige isn't enough for me to more or less give up my life for 8+ years...then based on the specialty, give up much of my life for my career as a physician. It is commendable for those that do it, but everyone's priorities and goals in life are different. Nursing has it's own rewards and prestige.

    So I always ask myself...do I want to be a physician and do the work it takes to become one...or do I just want the MD after my name? It's natural to question why you want to do something and if you are making the right choice. Every person's motivation is different. I'm 26 as well, and I have a lot of other things in life that I want to accomplish within the next X number of years.

    Be a doctor because you want to be, not because society tells you that's the pinnacle that you should attain.

    So, unless life is going to show me that I should do something different, I'm going to be the best nurse I can be. :-)
  6. by   gilly00
    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this site/thread, but I am interested in accelerated nursing programs. I actually just graduated from a 4-year university in Philadelphia with a degree in Marketing, so I'd love to get back to school in the Philly area.

    I wanted to ask if anyone completed the UPENN pre-reqs while working full-time? I'm 22 years old and would like to get started in taking pre-reqs as soon as possible, but I am worried about completing all these pre-reqs while working full time. Even if I took online/night classes, wouldn't it take atleast 2 years or so? If anyone could share their experiences that would be great. Thank you!!
  7. by   Platinum_One
    I can only speak for myself, but yes, it took me about 2 years, give or take. (One semester I didn't take any classes, and I also ended up taking a few classes that didn't go towards the pre-reqs as well.)

    I couldn't really work full time. I mainly worked part time, and sometimes I wasn't working at all. I've moved around quite a bit...and the economy took it's toll at certain points. lol

    I also had to pay for some of my classes out of pocket, therefore I could only take so many at a time.

    It may take longer than you would like, but do what you can based on your circumstance. Everything happens in time.