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  1. I am currently enrolled at bc3. I am doing my prerequisites for nursing. I have had a troubled past and am concerned I will not be accepted into the program regaurdless of my gpa. I am 34 and when I was 22 I recieved a dui and resisted arrest. At 26 I had another dui. I am a new mom and I want to make a better life for my son. Should I forget about nursing and try a new feild?
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  4. by   zephyr9
    That's the past. You're sincere, so leave it behind.
    But if you want to know what exactly might come up to haunt you, go ahead and do your criminal background check before you apply for the nursing program.
    The ones I had to do for my program: --This one you register for online, pay the 28.00 fee online, then you print your registration reciept and take it to a fingerprinting center, get fingerprinted. I guess this is the FBI check.
    and --This one is 10.00, I'm not sure, you may get your results right away, I forget. I think you can print your results immediately.
    Also, a child abuse clearance.
  5. by   driven2012
    The only concern is what will show up on a standard criminal background check? Do you know if your arrest record will show up? If so, then with nursing schools becoming more and more competitive it may be difficult to gain acceptance to programs, because you will be going up against other applicants (and nurses in the job market) who have no criminal history. I am saying this as a someone who also ran into trouble when I was younger and had to make sure that as a part of my community service that the charges were wiped off my record. I would look into it and make sure that the coast is clear before continuing as to avoid any let downs! Hope that helps!