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  1. Hello,

    Anyone out there is who is a current student/former at Thomas Jefferson University? I'm interested in hearing more about people's experiences there. There are some comments on this board about their accelerated program (FACT), but I am curious to hear more about their regular program that folds into an MSN (or any of their other programs).

    Any comments about the school itself would be incredibly useful! I tried posting in the MSN board but no responses there, so I'm really hoping for some information from this group!!

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   asparagus
    Some of you who are going to Drexel must have at least considered TJU. What is its reputation in Philly?

    Is there a reason that no one has anything to say about it?
  4. by   jpRN84
    I went to Thomas Jefferson University's ASN program at Geisinger Medical Center, for the most part it was a good program.
  5. by   asparagus
    Hey jpRN84 -
    Thanks for the response. I'd love to hear more about the school's strengths and weaknesses. When did you attend?
  6. by   cab128
    Hi Asparagus,

    I am currently working at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) as an RN and I am enrolled in the BSN program at TJU as well. I applied for the BSN/MSN program but did not want to take the GRE's (they will waive them if you have an acceptable GPA in the BSN). I am now finishing up the BSN and will move on to the MSN program. I have had a relatively good experience so far. I have been able to take all of my courses online and selected my own clinical sites.

    The University recently moved the MSN program from The School of Graduate Studies (lumped with all other health professions) to the School of Nursing. I imagine this will improve the MSN experience.

    There are many experienced faculty members here who are willing to assist you along the way. The school gives a 10% tuition discount to all health professions students and The University has paid for the remaining 90%.

    I did look into the Drexel program but I did not know anyone who had gone through it so I opted to go with Jefferson.

    Best of luck to you in finding a program!