Support needed: Proposed Nurse Peer Assistance Program

  1. from psna newsletter:

    psna is expected to testify on april 7th in support of the nurse peer assistance program - sponsored by rep. mary ann dailey and cosponsored by psna. this program has been proposed to offer nurses access to assistance and proper care in their time of need and was developed and based upon supportive research showing that a two-tier program approach offers the most dramatic success rates. the nurse peer assistance program would function on the basis of providing earlier identification and intervention in a non-punitive setting, opportunities for nurses to help nurses, more intensive and long-term monitoring and outreach with education.

    nurses should make caring for fellow nurses a priority concern, as it impacts the industry's ability to function successfully by offering the highest quality of care possible. the proposed program would be financially supported by a minimal increase in license renewal fees. 100% of the increase will contribute to supporting the needs of pa nurses requiring assistance from the nurse peer assistance program. nurses should go to and click on support the nurse peer assistance program to write their legislators and find out more information on the proposed program.
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  3. by   oramar
    Glad to see this being addressed. Will write my state legislator.