Saint Agnes Medical Center Closing.

  1. I guess because of all the hub bub of MCP closing, no one noticed that St Agnes is closing next month leaving hundreds unemployed. Their burn center, one of two in the city,has already closed it's doors.
    Why no protest, campaigns or help from the state for this South Philadelphia institution?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Quote from dawngloves
    why no protest, campaigns or help from the state for this south philadelphia institution?
    "st. agnes medical center will be transformed into the st. agnes continuing care center in response to unmet community needs for programs for the elderly and others who require long-term acute care and continuing care services"

    st agnes and methodist are three blocks from each other. population is predominent middle age and older. each facility was loosing millions competing for same patients.
    burn unit was not full.

    shift in care is:
    methodist will be acute hospital facility.
    st agnes is long term, continuing care center.
    doubling size of snf. rehab to expand and be under jeff ownership as state/government won't permit snf/rehab in same building within feet of each other.
    icu will be for long term clients needing care: vent dependent, iv cardiac meds awaiting transplant etc.

    vitas in-patient hospice already at st agnes is increasing size--will occupy rooms st agnes homecare currently in after homecare moves to new location next month.

    a lot of this change is due to patient population, differrent funding sources available to care long term hospital patients and no long term extended service in area.

    this plan will keep both facilities open, instead of forcing one to close.

    thomas jefferson university hospitals and mercy health system to implement new healthcare vision to better serve south philadelphia