Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences Students

  1. I have been accepted to Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences for 2013. I would love to learn more about the school and the program from current or recent students. It would also be nice to get to know some other students. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to chat or share information!
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  3. by   Ms. Sweetheart
    OMG!! Congratulations... I just took my TEAS V today and I was so anxious I felt nauseas. I hope I get accepted there, if I do I'll be starting classes in the fall. Just out of curiousity what was your TEAS V score, if you don't mind me asking.
  4. by   Hay927
    Hey Ms. Sweetheart! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I'm pretty sure I got between an 86 and 87 on the test. I believe the benchmark to get the points toward admissions score is 70.7. Good luck with everything. Hopefully you hear soon, if you haven't heard yet! :-) Let me know what happens!
  5. by   Ms. Sweetheart
    Im waiting for the admissions commitee to meet on march 18th. I should here hy next week if I got in or not. If I did get it ill be starting this upcoming fall in the day tract. I'm praying I get it I've wotked so hard but I bombed the teas v because I was so nervous. Aaaahhhhh!!!
  6. by   Ms. Sweetheart
    Just to give some closure to my previous posts... I got accepted... yay... I'm doong my pre reqs now...
  7. by   kamijo
    I know this is from last year but can someone tell me if I didn't meant the 70.7% on the teas test, does that mean you won't get accepted? I scored below that because I'm not a good test taker. I just took the test yesterday and I didn't do so good, does this mean I'm out or how do they decide?
  8. by   kamijo
    what did you get on the teas test if you don't mind me asking since you got accepted?
  9. by   ashley1187
    I got a 66% and was accepted into the program for 2014
  10. by   kellymullarkey
    Hey Everyone! I am new to this but I am scheduled to take my TEAS for RHSHS on Tuesday, January 13 and I am super nervous! Does anyone have any study tips or advice? Also, what were some of your scores?
    Thanks so much in advance!!