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  1. Can any one help a fellow nurse to pass boards. I passed LPN boards, passed college what is going on, do you think? These were so hard too.This new format is a killer, check all that apply, fill in the blanks, even a&P on them?? I would appreciate your help in this matter.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    see your other post, I replied to you there...........
  4. by   2decadeRN
    [font=Comic Sans MS] !Hang in there!
    [font=Comic Sans MS]First of all, the greatest nurse I have ever worked with did not pass her boards on the first go around either! So, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!!
    [font=Comic Sans MS]I suggest getting to know the computerized format... taking tests on computers is different than ink and paper. ** Remember the nursing process... always assess before you plan, plan before you intervene and re evaluate all interventinos. ** Generally, if there are "nursing" interventions that can be/need to be done before "notify MD" do them first.... ** If your teachers did not introduce you to the "old" NCLEX textbooks of questions.... buy a couple of them! The questions begin to look familiar after a while, and you get the real hang for how the questions are asked. ** There is truth to the "guess C" rumor. It really doesn't have to be "C"... but statistically, on an A-D mult. choice -whenever you just don't know an answer, you guess the same letter everytime, you will get 25% of the questions you guess on RIGHT! ( computerized generation of test equally distributes answers between the available choices) GOOD LUCK!!!!