Pittsburgh-area hospitals testing for staph infections

  1. Associated Press

    Posted on Sat, Apr. 23, 2005

    PITTSBURGH - Eight southwestern Pennsylvania hospitals are routinely testing nasal swabs taken from patients in an effort to reduce the incidence of a stubborn staph infection that is resistant to some antibiotics.
    The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is monitoring the effort to track methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, to see if it works.

    "We could potentially see it as a model for other regions of the country," said Dr. John Jernigan, a CDC epidemiologist. "Perhaps, over time, we can have a national impact on this problem."

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  3. by   oramar
    Thankyou for posting this, I almost missed it. Just wondering if there is some reason staff is never tested. One would think that would be one in a series of steps at least.