Philadelphia VA hospital salary quote, is this right?

  1. Hello everyone!
    I will be moving from Phoenix VA hospital to Philadelphia VA. I was quoted 64,895$. I have 1 yr experience with BSN. Is this a good salary? That's a few thousand more than in Phoenix. Would you say the cost of living is lower or higher in Philadelphia?

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  3. by   TrAuMaRN86
    Philadelphia cost of living can be pricey depending on where u live at and how are the benefits im a RN with a lil over 1 year expearince and make 30 an hour at a level 2 trauma center and my rent for a 2 bedroom is 900 a month. Hope this helps and congrats on the job offer and I think that salary is good for 1 year exp on board, if you need more any u can go pool or per diem at another hosp or rehab close by
  4. by   vikichck
    Thanks! There is a wide range of housing prices in Phoenix. All depends where and what you're looking for. 900$ sounds about right for a nice 2 bd condo or house here. Have you heard anything about the VA hospital there?
  5. by   Az_RN_BSN
    Hello...I am currently employed at the Phoenix VA as well and looking to transfer to Philly. I have an interview tomorrow, so wish me luck! Did you find the process of getting hired in Philly to be easier since you were already in the system? What unit are you working in? When is your start date?
  6. by   edgwow
    It depends where you live. Apartments in the city Philadelphia can be 900-1000 a month. Parking is also another concern.At the VA in Philadelphia, you are a short drive , less than 20 minutes from New Jersey and can find single family homes for 900-1000 a month.
    The acuity at the VA is not too bad, they ship all thier serious cases to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, that is only around the corner, once they are stablized, they go back to the VA ICU.
    THe Philadelphia area has so much to do. If you do live in Center City, get yourself a good bike and a lock. Traffic is a mess all around the VA every single day at rush hour.
    Best of luck to you
  7. by   vikichck
    Hey AZ RN,

    I think we might know each other haha. I work on 4C. I just went to visit Philadelphia to check it out for the first time last week. I have been looking at cities to move to on the east coast. Philadelphia seems perfect, has a big city feel but not too big like NYC. I didn't get to go inside the VA there but the outside of it looked really nice, I think twice the size of our VA and newer. The area around it is safer and nice as well.

    Can't tell you much about applying. I'm waiting to decide when to move there first. Maybe July/August. They have a lot of positions for telemetry and I think I saw ED as well a few weeks ago. Good luck!

  8. by   hrodgers
    Hi Vikichck and AZRN - so I realize that this conversation and these posts are about a year old, but I'm wondering if you did acutally end up transferring to Philadelphia? I'm also a VA RN in Florida right now and considering making a move to the Philly area in a few months (with the weather right now, I'm freaking out a bit but it will be fun I'm sure)!! I'm very curious if you are working in the VA now, which department, and how you are liking the area....and much more if you are actually there! Look forward to hearing, thanks!
  9. by   Az_RN_BSN

    Actually I interviewed and decided against going out there. Instead I am now a traveler for the VA Travel Nurse Corps and currently on my second assignment at the San Diego VA. I'm very happy with my choice, since I wasn't really set on where I wanted to live! Good Luck!

  10. by   rainkat

    I am currently looking into joining the VA Travel Nurse Corps. How long have you been with them? Any comments or suggestions would greatly be appreciated or if you know of any others working for them I could contact.
  11. by   Az_RN_BSN
    Hey I've been with them since September 2010. Prior to that I was a full-time VA staff nurse. The change has been great for me! I've traveled to Fresno, CA and am currently at the San Diego VA. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send me a message.

  12. by   rainkat
    Thanks for the reply. I'm new to this site so not sure how to private message you. I've been working at the local VA for 20 years but unfortunately too young to retire but want to travel. When they told me I could keep my insurance I decided this might be the best thing for me. Did you keep your insurance? You are welcome to email me at Thanks again.

  13. by   bonesrn
    How hard was it to get in with the VA system? Looking to relocate to Philadelphia and checking out all options. Thanks!
  14. by   yrmajesty3
    Just curious....Is a BSN required for the VA system or are ADN's welcome?