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Hi everyone :redbeathe 30 applications now, and each one denied. 2 of them, were actually for an entry level.. so once they were declined, i actually shed tears. ::sigh:: well im just here to... Read More

  1. by   Prilly82
    Quote from rencontrezmoi
    I'm an RN working at a LTC/Rehab facility in the Lehigh Valley. I graduated in May 2010, got my license in Sept 2010, and got hired here in Nov 2010. I worked on the Alzheimer's unit for 6 months, and I just transferred over to the post-acute rehab unit. I plan to get a year of experience here, and I'm going to start looking for hospital positions around Christmas time. I would highly recommend starting in LTC to all the new grad RNs out there still searching for jobs. There are A LOT of RN openings, and no it may not be the job of your dreams, but it's a start, and it pays the bills. I work for Genesis HealthCare. They have more than 200 nursing homes on the east coast, and the most are in PA. Apply online, AND call the recruiter in your area. Here is the website if you are interested... Good luck. I hope you find something soon!
    Hi, I'm interviewing for a Genesis facility in LV tomorrow....... How do you like where you work? what is the starting salary in the region (I'm from NJ, so i have no clue of what to expect in PA)? Thanks for any info....
  2. by   Robin, RN
    Hello, I am a new nurse as well from Philadelphia. I graduated in May 2011 and still have not found employment. It seems as if I submit 100 applications a day and no one is calling me back. Uggghhhhh!!! I just don't know what else to do at this point.
  3. by   TygRNoef
    Philadelphia is a tight market right now, when I started school, many RNs that I knew commuted in to Philly, I live 1.5hrs from Philly, and I planned to do the same. Today, most of the RNs getting hired at the facilities where I work are commuting from Philly. If you're willing to commute to a job that, quite frankly, sucks, but will get you that all important experience, I can give you a direct contact at a facility that's always hiring.
  4. by   Robin, RN
    Yes please. Any nursing job will do at this point. Thanks
  5. by   TygRNoef
    E-mail me at and I'll give you the info.
  6. by   anotherone
    Try upstate PA and upstate NY. other states with large rural populations also if you can relocate that far.
  7. by   Marian96
    There is a little hospital in Philadelphia that was hiring nurses like a month ago,is not a big hospital but at least you can adquire some experience,Kensigton Hospital is located at 136 Diamond st. Philadelphia.Not a Big place but like I said is good to obtain some experience.
  8. by   hiddencatRN
    You need to check hospital websites daily for new job postings and try to be among the first to apply. It's not a matter of finding the one place that hires new grads but finding the new grad job postings before they become stale.
  9. by   lionett123
    KEEP APPLYING, I applied 75 times to Harrisburg Hospital before I even got an interview (not to mention all the other applications in other hospitals), and because I had so many applications in I got 3 interviews on one day and got the job I wanted on a Cardiac Telemetry unit! Just keep applying that is what I tell all my friends who just graduated. And, now that I have my first job, I find people telling me about other RN opportunities left and right, this profession is limitless, I LOVE IT!
  10. by   newgradlm
    Are you working at Pinnacle Health? I have an interview there next week for my first job as an RN! I would love any advice you might have! Thanks!
  11. by   Home Care RN
    I am well over 200 applications. I have also applied to different states as far as CA. I live in Philadelphia. Most have been in Philadelphia. I have my BSN from Villanova, passed my NCLEX no problem, have been a Medication Technician for 2 years after being told that Med Techs have such a heavy medication pass in long term care facilities that any hospital would scoop me up right away---- wrong.... So basically got paid VERY little for a very stressful job doing basically the work of a nurse (loop hole long term care facilities have found) for no reason. I also have a second BS degree in criminal justice. Was to start at Villanova for law school when market crashed and could not get the funding. Enjoyed being a caregiver and thought I would for sure get a job in nursing. 60k later, a few more years, and one more degree = still no job. Welcome to modern America.
  12. by   chuckster
    You are definitely not alone. My background is similar (BSN plus BA and MBA, significant time in pre-hospital healthcare as an EMT) and my experience with the nursing job market is also similar - many applications, a handful of interviews and no nursing job offer in the end. It's a very tough nursing job market and unfortunately, is likely to remain so for at least a few more years. I would venture to guess however that if you stay involved in healthcare as a MedTech, the odds are that you will get a nursing job offer sooner than would otherwise be the case. So my advice is to hang in there and continue to send applications out. It would also be beneficial for you to get some certifications (e. g., ACLS, PALS) that will make you a more attractive candidate. In the interest of full disclosure however, I have to admit that this hasn't worked for me.

    Finally, you were wise (or otherwise fortunate) to not have gone to law school. The job market for attorneys is even more saturated than it is for nurses. Starting salaries for all but top law school grads are low and declining. You would really be in tough spot if you took a student loan for law school.

    I wish you the best of luck.
  13. by   nurseylove
    NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!! At this point reach out to EVERYONE AND ANYONE!! Family friends past clinical instructors / nursing instructors.. Everyone knows someone who is a nurse one way or an other. Give them your resume. Make small talk at places such as coffee shops / the train (if you ever are on it that is you would be surprised to see how many people are either nurses or know a nurse. Good luck do not give up!