Pgh: New Pennsylvania hospital for kids taking shape detail by detail

  1. new pennsylvania hospital for kids taking shape detail by detail
    construction is continuing in lawrenceville, pa, where the new incarnation of the expanding children's hospital will cover 10 acres, comprise five buildings and three parking garages as well as a large satellite parking lot nearly a mile away.
    pittsburgh post-gazette, oct 29, 2007
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    The move to the new facility will be interesting to watch.
    Just a little bummed that is is on the other end of town. Knock on wood, I haven't needed to take my kids to Childrens yet.
  4. by   Logos
    That's awesome.
  5. by   srun21
    [font=franklin gothic medium]it is nice to know that there will be such a homey place for children [color=yellow]to be when they end up [color=yellow]in the hospital. i think mr. hess has done a great job of designing a children's hospital for the future.

    [font=franklin gothic medium](p.s. that is my fun rainbow lettering.):spin: