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Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to start this thread. Has anyone applied for this residency program or has been through this program? I just applied to the program and am curious to learn... Read More

  1. by   haccSN
    hi guys,

    i applied for positions in the ER, OR, and Pediatrics. i still haven't heard anything from the nurse recruiter yet and i think it's safe to assume everyone hasn't either. i think a mass e-mail will be sent out soon to those who are or will be selected. maybe the deadline for unit nurse managers to submit names of candidates they want to interview is within the next few days and then we will hear from them. good luck, everyone. keep your fingers crossed! i will post as soon as i hear anything from Hershey =)
  2. by   haccSN
    hi again everyone!

    i just received an e-mail from the nurse recruiter at 2:07pm today to notify me of an interview confirmation! the e-mail contains the date and time of the interview (Nov 7th, 1:30pm) as well as my interviewer's names, room number, and the unit (PEDS). You guys should check your e-mail if you're not already checking it compulsively like i have. i'm waiting to hear good news from everyone!!! yay!!!

    okay, so now i gotta go buy a suit lol
  3. by   lacePSU
    Hi everyone! I also got an email today notifying about the interview!!!!!! They set me up for an interview with my top choice. For those who received emails... are you scheduled for only interview place? Or all 3 that you selected as your top choice??
  4. by   haccSN
    lacePSU, Congrats!!

    in my e-mail i saw only 1 interview with the nurse manager on PEDS unit. well, so it starts at 1:30pm with the nurse recruiter meeting me in the lobby and possibly asking some questions and showing me around. then at 2pm, i go up to the 7th floor to interview with a nurse manager on the pediatrics unit. my top choice was ER and 2nd choice was OR but i was given only 1 interview in PEDS (my 3rd choice) but i'm still very happy. i think they don't have that many positions available in the ER or OR anyways.
  5. by   lacePSU
    Yes I had only one interview scheduled too, which is why I asked if that seemed to be how it was for others too. I know someone who interviewed last year and they said that when you meet with Lynn, she directs you where to go and gives some interview tips on the way. I was under the impression that she isn't going to ask any interview questions, but I don't know if things have changed in a year.

    I am interviewing in the HVICU... is anyone else??
  6. by   lionett123
    Congrats, I didn't get an interview but please keep posting after you interview, I'm curious what they ask and how it goes. Thanks and good luck!
  7. by   KittyinNj
    yay to everyone whos been selected its exciting i hope the interview process goes smoothly! not sure what to expect of the interview process,,, i have interviewed at other hospitals in the NYC area! not sure how many ppl were selected for each area but fingers crossed that we all get in!! ive heard nothing but GREAT things and am excited for us all!

    im coming from out of state so hopefully i can make some new nursing friends =)
  8. by   kiatu10
    Hi Kittyin, Am sorry you asked me a question but i was not able to reply to it coz i dont how to navigate the reply part. But i am interviewing for Acute Care 4th and 6th floor and am coming from NY. I hope they take all of us in as you said. Any news from anyone who've interviewed with them? Good luck on your interview and please let me know how it goes.
  9. by   kiatu10
    I am so glad i found this thread. To everyone who got the interview invitation good luck. I have mine on wednesday.
  10. by   haccSN
    how did everyone's interview(s) go? i hope we all got selected =)

    i guess we'll find out tomorrow or nervous =X please keep us updated!
  11. by   kiatu10
    That first? I was told they'll get back to us by mid next week.
  12. by   lacePSU
    WOW they said by next week??? In the HVICU they didn't say anything about when I would hear, and it slipped my mind to ask since a while ago Lynn said hopefully we would hear by Thanksgiving. I really hope we hear that soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please everyone keep posting any updates! How did everyone feel the interview went? From the info I got in my interview, the GNR program sounds even more AMAZING than what the website says and I really think it's the best way to go when just graduating.
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  13. by   KittyinNj
    Lace how did ur HVICU go? what time did u finish? did they ask any difficult questions? Did any of you find out how many opportunities are opening up on the floors you intereviewed for? I feel like my interview went well, although a little nervous but I got great ?s and nice feedback! My fingers are crossed for us all . I was told that decisions would be made by friday/monday!