PA State Nurses Association for $99.00 dues !!!

  1. become a member of the pa state nurses association
    pa nurses offers a series of membership options to suit your specific needs as a registered nurse. membership options include a state-only membership and full membership with membership dues ranging from an introduction rate of only $99 and up. state-only membership includes all the benefits and services that the pa state nurses association has to offer at the state level. full membership includes the state membership benefits and services in addition to a complete membership to the american nurses association. in addition, the association offers discounts for newly graduated registered nursing students and retired nurses.
    for a complete list of benefits, services and pricing for each membership option, please download the appropriate form or request a complete membership packet to be mailed to you here.
    for more information on any of these benefits or services, contact susan albert, membership services coordinator at 1-888-707-7762, ext. 201 or email susan at
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    Yesterday we had guest speaker at my hospital who touched on the subject of low professional org. membership amoung nurses. This sparked a conversation about the subject and some people expressed an interest in joining. I will take a copy of this info in with me next time I go to work.