PA Nurses' Executive Director Selected for Gov. Rendell's Leadership Council

  1. The PA State Nurses Association today announced its executive administer, Michele Campbell's involvement with Governor Rendell's recently created Center for Health Care Careers, designed to strategically manage and nurture the commonwealth's professional health care segment.

    The Center, created in early May 2004 by Gov. Rendell, works to provide a coordinated plan supported by a Leadership Council, which PA Nurses' Michele Campbell, RN, RNC has been selected for, to address the following challenges:

    1. Expanding the capacity of Pennsylvania's nursing education system to produce more graduates who will successfully be licensed as RNs and LPNs and who will choose to practice in Pennsylvania.

    2. Substantially improving the percent of nurses who remain in the health care over their professional career.

    3. Increasing the number of individuals who can successfully fill vacancies in other critical allied health professions.

    4. Attracting more direct care workers to important jobs that, quite often, do not pay family sustaining wages and benefits.

    "The establishment of this Center, by Gov. Rendell, provides a platform for community health care leaders to strategically lead the Commonwealth's health care segment into an expected prosperous future," said Michele Campbell, RN, RNC, executive administer of the PA State Nurses Association. "My objective is to bring a well-rounded perspective, reflective of the diverse nursing population being impacted by this leadership's actions. I am very much looking forward to playing an active and participative role in working toward meeting the Governor's goals for advancing the commonwealth."
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    Let's hope Michele can bring the goods home and really make a difference.