Ohio VAlley School of Nursing?

  1. Did anyone attend that school? Can you give me you input? I already put my application in but not accepted yet. I am very pleased with their lower student-teacher ratio and their extra clinical time they offer. Did nursing 101 at CCAC northside and looking at other options.
    Will anyone be attending the Aug 2006 program at OVH?

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  3. by   JPD
    I haven't heard of it. It must be up on the central-northern part of Ohio. I am in Ohio. As far south to the tip of Ohio you can get along Ohio River =)
  4. by   momx4
    It is actually located in Pittsburgh,Pa in the Robinson area. The full name is Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing. So it is not in Ohio at all. Thanks for responding though.
  5. by   ohiofem
    is th eohio valley course for RN or LPN please?
  6. by   ohiofem
    i was looking to move to pittsburgh from youngstown, ohio. i am wondering if the Ohio Valley nursing program is for RN or LPN. I am looking for LPN schools in Pittsburgh or surrounding area. Thanks
  7. by   tookewlandy
    OVHSON is in Robinson Townshoip right outside pittsburgh. It is a diploma RN program