Mount Aloysius College

  1. I am currently an LPN and am looking into doing the LPN to RN bridge program at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson. Does anyone have any thoughts on the nursing program there?
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  3. by   Linz8
    i have three cousins that graduated out of the mount. they are all successful nurses and the mount turns out very good nurses. however, i would be remiss to not mention the story of my mom's best friend who spent a year and a half at the mount in the rn program there. when it come time to transfer her credits to another school (she had to transfer due to family concerns) the mount conveniently lost any record of her having been there for the year and a half. she had to take everything over again. the mount is a very reputable nursing school in my area but not very trustworthy when it comes to your academic history there. good luck.
  4. by   werlp
    I was also considering applying to The Mount. I have heard that the school was having some problems with their students passing the NCLEX, which to me means that they are not doing a very good job preparing their students. I am from the area (I have a bachelors from Saint Francis which is right down the road), so I know a lot of people that have gone there. i hear their administrative department is terribly disorganized. I've heard about billing problems, scheduling problems, you name it. I have also heard that you may drive long distances (2hours or more) for clinicals.

    I am going to attend Conemaugh School of Nursing in the fall. I hear it is very hard, but their pass rates are excellent. I am not sure about any bridge programs they may have. The program is 2 years, but you don't get an associates degree, you get a certificate. A lot of the credits are transferable to colleges. All clinicals are done at the hospital. If you work for the hospital after you graduate they have on-site, free bachelor's degree. This program may be worth looking into.

    Let me know if I can be of anymore help!