LaSalle Achieve Fall 2013

  1. For years, I was reluctant to apply to LaSalle while finishing my pre-reqs at CCP. I guess I was intimidated, countless people told me to apply...but I put it off, fearing rejection. May 2012, I finally applied...studied for the NLN on-and-off the entire summer...received a high overall score on the entrance exam over 100... Sci. GPA of 3.25, Overall: 3.13. Received my "Congratulations/favorable consideration letter" from LaSalle in Sept (2012) and have been living vicariously through current students in the program now.

    I have signed up for the last of my required pre-reqs at LaSalle so I can get a "feel" of their grading style and going to a large university. I know the official nursing acceptance letters won't go out until May 2013, and I shouldn't get my hopes up ...but I've worked so hard (and will continue to!) and hope that things will continue to work out favorably.

    Has anyone else received their "Congratulations/favorable consideration letter"? Does that letter mean, if we continue on doing well and meet the required deadlines...that it "should" work out in our favor? Oh the anxiety...well I'll be practicing my conversions and studying.
    Take away message: Don't get in your own way...and everything and anything is possible if you give it your all!

    Intending Nursing, Fall 2013
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    As a LaSalle alumni (May 2012), you are in!! I say contact the school if you really want to be sure...otherwise pinch yourself!!! Congrats!!!

    I highly recommend LaSalle's program...I have precepted graduates of the traditional program as well as I am a graduate of their ACHIEVE program.
  4. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    I just took the NLN for fall admission and got over 100 also. My science gpa is 3.3 and my overall gpa (so far) is 3.26. I have 63 out of 70 prerequisite credits complete.

    I got admitted into another nursing school that is more expensive, but takes WAY less time to finish; so I'm on the fence about LaSalle. It honestly depends on my financial situation.

    I have not received any kind of tentative decision letter yet though, so it'll be interesting to see what will happen.
  5. by   LeLe, BSN, RN
    LadyFree28...thanks for your encouragement. I want to call, but I'm trying to wait until mid-Febuary, I started a check list and have busied myself finding a place to get my BLS certification, started making doctors appointments, finding my immunizations records...saving for the uniforms, etc.

    I believe in LaSalle and know that is the best fit for I can still work!
  6. by   Leemy4Me
    MakingItReality... I am a senior in the Achieve program. I started Fall 2011 and graduate this December. I truly enjoy my program and it has been very convenient with working full time (I would say about 97% of us in the program work full time). It sounds like you won't have any issues with an official acceptance. If I remember correctly, I had around a 3.5 GPA when I applied. I received the "favorable" letter, and then I took my NLN (can't remember my exact scores at the moment). Anyway, it did take weeks to hear back... I took the NLN in late Feb/early March I believe and hmmm I didn't receive my acceptance letter until around my bday weekend (end of April) which was the BEST birthday gift ever lol. I was sooo nervous starting the program and a few min ago, I went back and read some of my posts from 2011 and got a great laugh. I was in your same exact shoes so I can relate! But please believe, Lasalle program is wonderful and you will get a great experience from it. It has it's flaws like any other nursing program, but the fact that we work full time AND go to school says a lot right there. Yes, the program is considered part time, but please believe, the majority of the time it does NOT feel part time. There is always studying to do, no matter what class or what part of the semester you're in. Like right now, I am at work and I'm thinking "Ok wrap this comment up and do some studying before it gets busy." lol, so that's what I'm going to do! Best of luck, and I will do my best to answer any questions that you have! Oh and one more thing: piece of advice, try to complete your physical, BLS, background checks, etc sometime in late April/early May (not sure what deadline they will give you). Lasalle has a very stricy policy with making sure everything is up to date at all times during a clinical rotation, so it may become bothersome to keep up with expiration dates in the middle of a semester. A lot of us did it to where our stuff expires sometime in May or June; I usually work on mine end of April right after clinicals end so that everything comes back before summer clinicals start end of May.
  7. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    Is anyone concerned about the NCLEX scores for LaSalle? That's something that I'm a bit worried about.
    Also...are they still conducting interviews for people that applied? I received a "favorable acceptance" from them, but haven't heard anything about interviews.
  8. by   LeLe, BSN, RN
    Not worried, I think that all schools go thru "things"...but they (LaSalle) are putting in place methods to avoid this happening again. Ive had the interview...and it went fine.
  9. by   LeLe, BSN, RN
    Just contact Alison Target for an interview.
  10. by   LadyFree28
    Ashley_Nicole, I graduated in May 2012 and was from the class that ended in Fall 2011. Most of us passed the NCLEX the first try...LaSalle two campuses and has day and evening programs, the NCLECX scores can get relative....It only states who passed it the first try, that does not include those who have taken it AFTER September, so those stats leave a lot to be desired. I know several cohorts who passed the NCLEX in October. We have a FB pg where we posted and let people know when they passed the exam. We had 50 in our class, and I can honestly say I know of 45 people passing the first time.

    The school prepares you greatly for the NCLEX...and once you get to the test, how YOU prepare is the only thing that matters, IMHO. You will see when you get there. Also, nursing school is what YOU make it.

    I was at my job's nursing recruitment office and when I stated LaSalle and told them about the Achieve program, they stated that the program has a wonderful reputation, there are a few fellow ACHIEVERS in a lot of the area Magnet Hospitals including this one, and I know of two (who were in my same class) who are employees at the hospital. So know that we have a great reputation, most pass and we are prepared to become an entry level nurse.
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  11. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    So they're doing something new: having info sessions instead of individual interviews. I just registered for mine and I'm nervous already! Like, heart jumping out of my chest nervous.

    I received the favorable consideration letter, but idk if that means anything now. I'm not too sure what to expect either. I'm just praying I get accepted!
  12. by   Angie-Baby

    I'm new here. I also have applied to the Achieve program for Fall 2013 and hope that I get in. The only thing that I was waiting for was my NLN scores and that was received yesterday. Has anyone been accepted and how long did it take to hear back?
  13. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    I've only received a "favorable consideration" letter. You should be getting an email soon about the required info session we have to attend in order to be considered for official admittance into the program.
  14. by   Angie-Baby
    How long did it take for you to receive your
    "favorable consideration" letter?