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  1. Hey everyone....I will be graduating in May 07. I applied for a few positions in the downtown area and when researching Jefferson learned that the shifts were 2 12's 2 8's. Does anyone work there and can tell me how that goes, if they like it better than 3 12's etc. I know that 3 12's would be ideal for me but I really like Jefferson, so I wasnt sure if 3 12's was an option there? Also, what is their policy on sick time etc, I know that some hospitals have a demerit system or will write you up after a few times, I just wanted to learn as much as I can before I make my decisions!! Thanks for your responses!!
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Which Jefferson Hospital? We have one in the Pittsburgh Area or are you talking about one in Philly?
  4. by   kell1566
    im sorry guys i forgot to mention jefferson in the Philadelphia!!! I didnt know there was one in Pittsburgh-- learn somethin new everyday!!!
  5. by   Lianoosh215
    Hi! I was wondering if any of you had taken the TEAS test and if you are willing to sell me the manuel. My test is on Friday and I was pretty confident w/o the manuel and now im worried and its too late to order it online. Thanks
  6. by   Lianoosh215
    ps. I do live in Philadelphia
  7. by   kell1566
    what is the TEAS?
  8. by   Lianoosh215
    It's an entrance exam like the NLN or the NET. It's a requirment for some Frankford and Jefferson I think.
  9. by   catlvr
    Hi Lianoosh, I'd be happy to give you my is written in and thus kinda messy, but you are welcome to it. I live in Mt Airy, and go to Episcopal in Kensington, if either place is an easy pick up for you. BUT - if you mean that the test is tomorrow, good luck! I didn't find the test too hard, but studying did help since I had been out of school for 20 years.
  10. by   fiestygirl
    Hi. The shifts depend on what floor you are working on. The nurses for each floor decide what type of shifts they want to work.
  11. by   Roarbo
    hey, get in touch with me. i may be able to help you with answers to your nursing questions.


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    This thead is three months old, the exam was completed at that time.