I want to pursue...but can't afford to

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    I am really considering a nursing career. Actually, I have been considering it now for five years. I have the drive...but I already have a BA in Busn. Administration..and we all knw those loans just don't simply go away. My question is, what are some creative ways that I can venture in this field with no loans..or very small loans this time around? I interviewed at a nursing home (hoping to replace my full time job, I also wrk part time as a home health aide) but the nursing home that I applied to only had 16hrs a week avail..and were paying $9hr...I am willing to take a pay cut...if I cld get tuition assistance...but that wld be drastic for me...not soo much the hourly wage..but the hours. So, as you can see I am in a mess...I want to pursue my dreams..but can't afford to. I live in Delaware county, PA. Any suggestions wld be appreciated?
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    search online for scholarships
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    I'm trying to understand what you're doing right now, and what your options are right now.

    You could take a job at a hospital or doctor's office in a non-direct care field that might have tuition assistance (say, a full time day job that's in billing or admissions or front desk) so you could keep your full time hours and go to school part time.

    What I'm doing now is going to school full time, have my loans in forebearance from my previous BA, and have signed a contract to work 2 years after I graduate at the hospital where I currently work casual to pay off my loans. I live in Pittsburgh though. I'm not sure if they have a deal like that in your area, or if you're willing to relocate.