How to become a RN?

  1. Hi all! I hope I don't seem like an idiot here, but how do you become a RN in PA? I've tried looking all over the internet for requirements, but all I can find is that you have to pass the state licensing tests (which I knew). What schooling is required? Are there steps you should do first? Like become a CNA before a RN?

    I'm interested in changing careers, and nursing seems like it would be fun and exciting and still pay well. Right now I'm a web developer and I'm tired of sitting all day!

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    hi there!

    First you need to check with what school you want to go to (there's a list at the top of the page or you can go to ) Most schools require pre reqs like anatomy and physiology (1 year) Microbiology, Chemistry, eng, Algebra, Psy, Soc, and maybe some others. Some require you to take an entrance test like the NLN or NET (they'll let you know).
    For my program I have to volunteer.
    I hope that helps a little. There are a lot of schools in Philadelphia area (I see that you are in Chester County, I have family in West Chester)

    Good luck
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    Thanks! That helped. I finally found what I was looking for by searching on the chester county hospital's website....and the links you sent me also helped.

    I already have a BS degree in criminal justice, so I'm hoping that most of the general education credits I have will still count for something!

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    Also see:

    PA: Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures

    "Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures" is a program created to help you repay your student loans through an innovative loan forgiveness program. Through the "Healthier Futures" program, you gain a powerful advantage at the beginning of your nursing career or as a nursing professional continuing your education and professional development. And as a Pennsylvania nurse, you will help address the nursing shortage affecting so many organizations and people in need of caring and qualified health care professionals. It's that easy! There is no better way to begin your career on the right track to success.


    By working for a participating Pennsylvania health care organization or health system after graduation, up to 25 percent or $12,500 of your eligible student loan debt can be forgiven over three years of qualified employment. At a minimum, participating employers will match PHEAA's loan forgiveness contribution; however, employers will have the flexibility to increase their matching contribution to enhance their organization's nurse recruitment and retention efforts.
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    Rebecca, a friend of mine also has a bachelor in criminal science - and still it will require at least 2 yr of FT....
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    Do you know of one in NH. I am an LPN. I want to get my RN but I still owe for my school. I have more course's then requied for an LPN but some place's will not take them because they are 10 years old. I got a MLA in Mass 10 years agho and I took microbiology among others. I have tried to find some programs but must be searching the wrong area.