Holy Family (2nd degree) Accelerated Nursing

  1. Anyone accepted to HF second degree nursing program for summer '17?
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  3. by   bellavita20
    I am attending! I have been trying to find more information about the program but haven't been successful.
  4. by   Dana27
    Summer '17, starting in May? I'm in.
    Also trying to find out more info- I don't even know when in May the program starts.
  5. by   cancelliereg
    Glad to find people in the same class! I was going to start in Jan, but decided to push it back until summer session (may '17). There isn't much information anywhere
  6. by   Dana27
    I emailed the program to ask, and here's what I found out:
    "The first classes begin on Monday, May 15th and the order of the courses should the same as that listed on the Spring fact sheet. (A sheet for summer has not yet been developed). There will be an Orientation Session held in March or April, covering all of the details you will need to know before starting the program in May. As soon as a date is confirmed for the Orientation, I will send you a save the date. "

    This is not quite enough info for my liking, but it's better than nothing. I have to plan out when to leave my job and find an apartment in Philly (I live and work in NY currently).
  7. by   cancelliereg
    Definitely not enough info, but it's SOMETHING & I will take it ! lol
  8. by   bellavita20
    Do we know what the NCLEX pass rate is for the accelerated program? That is my main concern!
  9. by   caroline90
    My class just graduated in October from the accelerated program and we had a 100% pass rate. Good luck! I enjoyed the program just be prepared to be flexible!
  10. by   cancelliereg
    Did class days change often?
  11. by   caroline90
    usually classes in the beginning were everyday or 4 days a week but when clinical started it was monday-wed and clinical was thurs-sat. we only had 1 semester when we were 6 days a week and that was peds/OB rotation. or actually it might have been community and med surg 3 sorry!
  12. by   cancelliereg
    No. Thank you so much for the info! I just can't wait to get started.
  13. by   nursetony5
    Hey! I will also be attending HFU's Accelerated Program come the summer time! Very excited to change careers and start fresh
  14. by   kellyfuturebsn
    Hey ladies. I just applied for the Fall of '17, but I am extremely nervous now. I took Nutrition (got an A!) but had NO idea it had to be taught by a registered dietitian. I had no idea until I received the confirmation email for my application submission. Did any of you run into this problem? Nothing in their information online said anything about this...this will push me back an entire semester and it'll be my THIRD time taking Nutrition. UGH!