Einstein Hospital

  1. I am currently a nursing student and graduating in May 07. I am looking and starting to apply to some hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Since I am not from the Philly area I have been talking to some nursing students who go to school in the Philly area, but have heard some mixed reviews on the hospitals. Among the hospitals I am interested in is Einstein. Can anybody give me any feedback on this hospital. Anything would be appreciated. You can also PM me about this. Thanks for anything you post!
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  3. by   TamaraC1700
    I used to work there and I used to live right behind the hospital so I guess you can say I grow up there. All my family members worked there and my kids were born there. It has changed a whole lot over the years. Some good, alot bad. It is under the Jefferson Healthcare network. I would look at the other hospitals under Jeff before I choose AEMC. But you should call the nursing dept and see if you can go and check it out for youself.
  4. by   newnicurn
    i agree with tamarac1700. I also work there and live nearby. i've only worked there so i don't know how other hospitals are. i'm leaving my floor to try something better. If you want to work as a rn at aemc try working on the floor you like as a nurse extern. Get expierence on the floor: talk to staff, notice staff ratios, talk to management, and talk to the paients do they like the floor? Are the nurses always running around overwhelmed? This is good advice anywhere but if I did this on my floor I would'nt be there.
  5. by   chocolate123
    I am a new graduate nursing student and will be taking my NCLEX in April. I am also interested in working at Einstein Hospital. I have sent my resume via email in January and haven't heard anything. Do you now if they are interested in hiring new grads. If so, would you happen to have the recruiter name and phone number. Also would anyone know the ratio of patient/nurse on the meg-surg floors. Thanks.
  6. by   TouchstoneRN
    I worked at Einstein for about three months...hated it!. There are so many other Philly hospitals that are much better work at...The education dept totally let me down. The orientation was not much better. Why not try Thomas Jeff, HUP, Temple? I would avoid St. Joes in the city also...
  7. by   chocolate123
    Thanks for the advice. It's good to be able to talk to someone that has actually worked there, because everyone I talked with never worked at the hospital.
  8. by   newnicurn
    some med surg floors 6-8:1 with or without ancillary i.e aids. Einstein like many hospitals now doesn't respond to resumes alone. you must apply thru thier website. www.einstein.edu. Happy birthday albert einstein (the person) and happy pi day 3.14