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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field... Read More

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    Quote from -greyham-
    I applied mid october and haven't heard back yet. My GPA at my old school wasn't too good (2.9 cumulative), but I turned things around my junior year and managed a 3.4 (just for the last two semesters). I then transferred schools, currently have a 3.5 in my 5th year and I also do research for the university.

    I'm starting to get really nervous. Drexel is my first choice and I've already received a rejection letter from Villa Nova. I have an interview with the school I currently go to, hopefully the "Alma Mater" factor will increase my chances of getting in.

    I want this!
    Wow, you heard back from Villanova already? I thought their deadline was March 1st? I was going to apply there, but I'm still not sure. Since you applied in mid October (before or after the deadline?), you might not be hearing from them until later on - maybe December. I checked back with older ACE posts and that's what usually happened.

    Good luck!
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    I just received my official acceptance letter, but I have a question. In the box at the bottom where it indicates which program you've been accepted to, it says Housing Code. For mine, it says commuter - I selected that on my application because I wasn't so sure on where/how I'd live once I started school. But as I'm thinking about it, I may want to dorm in the graduate housing. I know that's an extra fee for deposit. So my question is how do I change my "housing status"? Would I have to get in touch with Drexel for that? Can I wait a bit to declare that I want to dorm?
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    I applied to in late September.. I havent heard back yet.. hopefully soon!
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    I applied at the end of September and haven't heard back yet either.

    Here are a few of my stats--

    Undergrad GPA: 3.39 (Virginia Tech)
    GPA in my last 60 credits: 3.56
    All of my pre-req's have been completed except for the computer one (with all A's and a few B's)
    Experience: a few hundred volunteer hours (I'm part of a community service sorority) and a nursing internship at the NIH

    What do you guys think my chances of getting accepted are? I'm so nervous!

    Congrats to the people who have gotten in and good luck to those who are still waiting to hear back!
  6. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    Your chances sound really great!! Hopefully you should be hearing from them any day now, it seems like a lot of students heard back around December/January. Keep checking Discover Drexel though, my portal was the first thing to change (I got a decision email a week or so after I found out about my acceptance on discover Drexel). Good luck!!
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    Hello everyone! I just found out today that I was accepted to the ACE program for Fall 2013. I am currently a Biobehavioral Health major at Penn State and will be graduating in May 2013. I still have 1 prerequisite to complete before the start of the program -- developmental psych. My undergraduate GPA is a 3.73, my GPA for my last 60 credits is a 3.8 and my prerequisite GPA is a 3.7. I completed my application back in April, however, I had to re-submit an updated transcript at the beginning of November. Hopefully this information will help you guys out who are still waiting to hear back. I actually called yesterday to ask when I would expect to hear back with a decision and the advisor I talked to told me he would forward my application to the board right away, so I would recommend calling Drexel if you applied a while ago and are super anxious!

    Does anyone know if there is a Facebook page for the Fall 2013 class? If not we should make one so that way we can ask questions and communicate on there as well!

    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted and good luck to all who are still waiting to hear back!!
  8. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    Congratulations scy!!

    I don't think there is a group started for fall yet. There is a Facebook group for ace students in general. It's extremely helpful.
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    Hey pmnguyen027 !

    Your stats are amazing, and I think you should no have problem getting in! Make sure to call Evan, or send him an email, he was great throughout this whole process. I applied back in August and sent him an email in ealry October asking when we would here back, he responded immediately stating "we are aiming to have as many decisions sent out before the break)! Also along with my application I sent in a letter of recommendation and a one page mini essay (although they did not ask for any of these things). I heard back on November 26th, so I waited just about 4 and a half months. You should be hearing back shortly I think, Evan did say they were aiming to have many decisions sent out prior to the winter break so you have more than enough time to hear back.

    Good luck !
  10. by   erg3149
    Hi everyone,

    I just found out this morning that I was accepted. If anyone is waiting around and hasn't been in touch with Evan or Fran since they submitted their application, I would recommend following up with them (I think it reiterates your interest and lets them know that you are serious about the program) to make sure everything is in order. My Discover Drexel status kept changing from complete to incomplete, so I emailed Evan last night and by about 9 am this morning he responded and a few minutes later it changed to accepted. Anyway, for those interested, here are my stats:

    Undergrad gpa: 2.9 cumulative (Miami Univ; Psychology)
    Graduate/last 60 hours gpa: 4.0 cumulative (Towson Univ; Clinical Psychology)

    I did not submit any LORs or write an admissions essay. For those worried about their undergraduate gpa's, I hope this gives you a bit of relief (I was really anxious about mine).

    Best of luck to all those waiting to hear back!
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    What are their e-mails?
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    Hi everyone,

    I know alot of people are still waiting for admissions decisions so I wanted to post in hopes of helping out with some of my info. I found out this afternoon around 1:00 that I was accepted to Drexel for fall 2013!!! I have a 3.0 undergrad, a 3.91 grad, a 3.67 last 60 credits and a 3.6 pre-req gpa. Both my undergrad and grad degrees are in Education and I have been an 8th grade mathematics teacher for the last few years. I have been volunteering at a hospital in Philadelphia for about 6 months now too. I also submitted letters of rec. and an essay even though it was not required.

    I emailed Evan and he has been a wonderful help so I recommend doing so if you have any questions about anything at all!!!

    I too had been stalking the Drexel portal everyday, a million times a day waiting for a decision. I hope some of you get your decision soon and I am wishing you all the best. I look forward to meeting alot of you soon!

    Good Luck to everyone!!
  13. by   cureac
    Hi everyone! I called the office of admissions and they transfered me to Evan. He said that they're currently going through applications from september and they are trying to get as many as they can done before winter break. He said that those who applied in october should expect hearing back at the end of december or early january. Hope this helps.