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Hi All. I'm new to Philadelphia (just paid my second month's rent!) and ultimately want to become an RN. I'm currently working in Real Estate, and it's ok, and a second job in food service. I'd like... Read More

  1. by   nursin_is_4me
    I just called Frankford hospital School of Nursing and they al so offer a CNA program. Its $1405, and there are grants available. They have f/t or p/t nights so it may work for you NNPwannabe...The next f/t class starts Aug. 31. I'm not sure if I should take this one or the program at the Red Cross now. Suggestions anyone? The only difference is, the Red Cross's program gives you CPR certification too. The number is 215 528 0101 to The Frankford School of Nursing CNA Dept.
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  2. by   NNPwannabe
    Thanks for the info! I'll definitely be looking into Frankford
  3. by   O'SheaRN
    Genesis healthcare and Delaware County Community College offer CNA training. Genesis healthcare is free, if you work for them.