Cna graduate needs help.pleaseeeee

  1. hey everyone, i just did my cna exams and passed very well, both my skills and written exams. my performance in school was above average and sacrificed a lot.had to spend sleepless nights with my baby,who wouldn't sleep unless i curdle her to sleep,i had to nurse her until she was asleep so that i could read,which ended up to be late nights with 2hrs sleep or no sleep at all.

    now that i have graduated, i have managed to put in my applications to several ltc, i got reply from some of them, but they require me to work 3pm-11pm. my biggest problem is that all daycares that i know of operate from 6:30am- 6:30pm. i desperately need help in form of information, from any good samaritan which ever information that might be of heip.

    if anyone knows of a daycare that operates until 12midnight within wilkinsburg, penn hills, or in monroeville,or within codes 15235 kindly send me a reply.

    or if anyone knows of any long term care facilities that can give me a job schedule of 7am- 3,7am- 4pm kindly reply. i will appreciate whatever feedback i can get. i need a job, to pay bills and provide for my little one.

    i never thought that after all my hardwork and sleepless nights,it would be difficult to get an employer who would be kind enough to give me a 7am-3pm shift. my zipcode is 15235, so any assistance based on my 2 issues (daycare/job at ltc) will be appreciated.)am in your hands my dear ones, my heart pounding.....

    thanks everyone whose dedicated their time and love to care for others in our community.

    anyone who lives within 15235, or know any daycare around this area kindly send me a reply.looking forward to your response.
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  3. by   SEP MBF4L
    Well first congrats on ur CNA. I don't know if I can give much help but where I live there is a place called Alleghney Childcare and they provide 24hr childcare at some facilities. As far as getting 7-3 I wish you luck. I been a CNA for 7yrs and I have never seen anyone walk in and get 7-3. Most of the time you get that while working and you go by first in basis. Good luck and keep goin don't stay a CNA I am currently in LPN school and I love it!
  4. by   nursemarion
    Try home health agencies- usually 8-4:30 and if they need you enough they will take you fresh out of school. The pay might not be as good as LTC, but work conditions are better. If you work for a hospital-based one you are part of the hospital with the same benefits. Daylight is tough to get in LTC and usually people already in the facility get to bid on any openings first. Sometimes hospitals also need CNAs but you might need to rotate shifts. I worked in a hospital as a CNA before I went to nursing school and I LOVED it. Good luck. There is no harder job than being a working mom.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Often home health agency's require 1 year experience as CNA since staff work independently in patients own homes. Also look at assisted living facilites and group homes too.
  6. by   nursemarion
    True, but it depends on the agency and their needs at the time. Mine has hired people with little (or no) experience and even paid for them to get their CNA. It is very tough to find people in some areas. And, it depends on the work that they would be doing- Medicare vs. Office on Aging cases, etc. Same with nurses. When things are good, they want lots of experience, but when they are desperate, they lower their expectations a bit.
  7. by   risa80
    There are a few home daycares that do over night. My friend has 3 children and the home daycare she has used for the last 3yrs is in East Hills. I will look into a few more for you. I don't have the info in hand right now. I also live in Penn Hills. Did you apply to Seneca, Longwood? They are always hiring.

    Any questions please ask. I will make sure to get the other daycare's info.

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