Any pitc former grads or current students?

  1. I just got accepted to PITC after failing 2 teas test from eastern school of arts and tech. the math part for me was very difficult.
    I didnt hear much about the school but stumbled upon a couple bad reviews on the all nurses forum. are their any former students that graduated from the school or current students that can give me their personal experiene at the school. the fulltime program starts march 1st that i will be attending. The tuition is extremely higher than eastern. please help!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Tryingtobuildafuture
    ok can you tell me how much the tuition is because I actually have to take my test tomorrow and did you find out your scores the same day?
  4. by   babeblu555
    i go there... i wish i didnt.. apparently ur class is going to have the same amount of people mine started out with 65... we're now down to 31... you're in for a bumpy ride.
  5. by   DLC-CNA-MA
    Quote from babeblu555
    i go there... i wish i didnt.. apparently ur class is going to have the same amount of people mine started out with 65... we're now down to 31... you're in for a bumpy ride.

    Hi, babeblu555 how is the program? What problems are you having, because I was considering going to pitc but I couldnt find any reviews on the program.
  6. by   babeblu555
    When you give them money they are nice to you, after that you are on your own. Its like they dont want you to succeed and pass the program. Class one they passed everyone and not everyone passed the nclex and there are some people that are still trying to pass the nclex.. and its been 5 years now since class one. They also had financial aid back than and were put on probation because everyone passed the program but only 30% passed the nclex on the first try. Now the only reason the nclex rate is high is because they only allow a certain amount of people to go and take a nclex at a time. Approx. 4 people went and they all passed so the rate is 100... some people acted like the program was a joke its not, its very hard you have to study and make sure you don't work because its difficult. If I knew all the knowledge I have now, I would never tell anyone to go to this school! There's so much more to it... they take anyone and everyone as long as they get money.
  7. by   DLC-CNA-MA
    wow..thas crazy well i guess im gonna stick with drexel then
  8. by   girlysogroovy
    I currently attend PITC. Babeblu555 is not kidding. Please take the warning seriously. After having a consistent 90 average in one of the intro nursing classes, our entire classes as a whole just failed an important exam. The instructor did not cover the material on the test and rather than own up to it she pushed the blame onto us. The owners of the school write the tests and the teachers just proctor the exam. Therfor, the material on the exam may not be the same you are receiving in class. In the end you have to count on yourself. They are not here to help you. They are here to take your money. I consider myself an intelligent individual and this class is very difficult for me. Their lack of organization and communication skills do not help either. It's very frustrating that I am spending $20,000 on this program and they speak to me like a child. They do not take our complaints seriously. Please consider another school. This may seem like a promising program but it is not. The fast track to RN is also a lie. They do not have any agreement with any school for a fast track.
  9. by   So smart
    Yes I am a student at pitc...I would say it is what you make, true things aren't the best. At times you do feel like your on your own but that is where you pull other student with you and start a study group. My class has the highest student ratio and I think the owners don't like that fact. I have only stayed because the other students have made fun and bare able. We have a guy who calls himself the class president, he is kind of goofy and funny, but I find him very cute. People like that have made this crazy nutty school ok to be at. Yes the fast track RN is not true in a way. Joy porter will probably come at the end to discuss online programs we can attend. I already want to attend excelsior so my mind is made up, also for the $20k your paying you get crappiest equipment ever. My advice is only go to pitc if it's your last option.
  10. by   martinique2013
    I am currently studying to get into PITC's LPN program and I MUST say, after reading many posts, I am afraid to even try. At this point, unless I wait for Eastern to run another program that I can actually attend PITC was my second option. Is it REALLY that bad?
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  12. by   coralreefRN
    I would strongly advise you to choose another school. PITC has was too many students and no resources to help students. The retention rate is only around 50% because they accept students who are not qualified. They have the lowest admission standards of any PN school. So while you are dedicated to learning you have 60 students in the classroom and half of them are behaving like they are in high school and they expect to be passed on at each level without doing the work. It is a very difficult learning environment. The teachers have to constantly lay down the rules to these students. The teachers try their best but their are too many students to help. There is no library, no cafeteria and way too many students in a small building. Right now they are on probation again for a low passing rate on NCLEX.
    Good luck where ever you decide to go.
  13. by   Nurse245
    I'm a former PITC Graduate. I was on class 7 , my class started in September 2010 and ended in September 2011. 99% of us passed the NCLEX on first attempt before the end of 2011. The programme is very difficult that's true , the school is not responsible for any students who need to be reminded to study or to complete assigned clinical or other assignments, and definitely not a place for those interested in Nursing but will put very little effort to make it in the Programme. I was out of school for almost 15 years and I dedicated 4-5 hours a day studying, even so I could only score about 75% , never a 90%. As far as I understand, the Nursing programme , it is difficult no matter what because it covers almost every concentration and everything is important. So if anyone is interested in Nursing , I would say " way to go " because it is a good field , but it takes a prudent person to make it . It is not the school that fails Nursing students it is because some student's are not aware that acceptance in Nursing school somehow means giving up time for other things to make time to understand and be able to apply the Nursing theory in real life situations. All Nursing schools around here have all negative comments from former Students , because Nursing schools drop students that seem unprepared for the NCLEX because their performance will affect the College rating on The State Board. Actually , Colleges around the world do the same thing , some expel failed students completely , the problem is not PITC, my classmates and I made it , students from classes before and after made it.