Any new LPN's near sarver looking for a job?????

  1. Hi :spin: I am failrly new here. I wish I had alot more time to read and post. I live North of Pittsburgh in a rather small but growing town of Sarver. I am a recent graduate from South Carolina (LPN) and I am applying for several jobs but for all of the screaming you hear about nursing shortages, it sure doesn't seem like a priority in any of the nursing homes I have been in. The care I have seen has been unquestionably scary and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night!! Anyone out there with suggestions about a good place for newwwwwwww grads to start let me know!!!:uhoh21: I am at a loss as far as where to go because I am from here but, I lived away for about 25 years! Please help! I need a JOB!! Thanks!
    :spin: Margie
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  3. by   miracle1986
    Hey 247. Go to You will find ALL the nursing jobs in the pittsburgh and sorrounding area.
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    Hey about 4 miles from you. As for Sarver,,,,nope ,,,nothing around here..Ya have to go to either north Pgh, right down 28. Give Concordia a try. Best LTC facility around these parts. Been agency for 8 years now, and have just been hired at Fair Winds,,but only 4 days a week and can fill in with my agency work anytime I need it. But, with agency, ya have to drive a distance,the one main reason I am no longer agency.
  5. by   CoffeeRTC
    How far from Pittsburgh is Sarver? Is that Butler county?
  6. by   247
    Yes! Sarver is in Butler County. Thanks for the info about I will definately give it a try. I have had several interviews, but, they are not hiring until after the first week of Jan. Anyone familiar with St. John's in Mars? Sunnyview in Butler? St. Margaret's in Pittsburgh?????
  7. by   daktan
    hi there... I also live in the Sarver area.... I am still in LPN school and graduate in Aug 07.... we did our clinical time at Concorda , which i thought was the best facility!!! I can't wait to graduate and hopefully get hired there.. I live about a mile from Fairwinds as well, but since being at Concorda and seeing their place and dealing with the great pts. I think that is where i would love to work!!! I actually had a pt there that i still go and visit on Sunday mornings after church and on holidays! I can't wait until school is over and try and get a job there. They have GREAT benefits and can work the 3 -12 hr shifts. That would work out perfect for me being a mom of 2. I hope that this helped you?
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    If you are interested in a hospital setting, Alle-Kiski Medical Center is not to far away from Sarver, PA. Its in Natrona heights, and I know they are currently looking for LPN's.

    Just a thought.