Abington Memorial - Dixon School of Nursing???

  1. Anyone know anything about the program? I have sent off for information, and I am trying to make an appt to get info, but I haven't heard anything yet.

    So I thought I'd reach out to you...also, would it make since to to RN program there, then do part-time RN to BSN program elsewhere?
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  3. by   nurse2be2008
    I just started the RN program at Abington in August. It's a hard program to get into because they get so many applications and only have 60 seats for the day program and 60 for the evening program. However, it is a wonderful school and I love it so far. If you have any specific questions please feel free to PM me.
  4. by   glamgalRN
    I'm working at Abington Hospital right now while I'm in nursing school (not at Abington) and I have seen signs around the hospital advertising that for the class of 2006 they had 100% first time pass rate on the NCLEX which is very impressive!
  5. by   phillies
    Hi there;

    I live five minutes fro the school, but decided for the lenght of time the program is and all of the pre-reqs they require, i will be attending the program at Montgomery Community College for my ADN. That will put me closer to a BSN if I wanted to go further with my education.

    Good luck.:spin:
  6. by   nicumom
    I currently work at Abington...graduated from Mont CO. Both are great programs I picked Mont Co becuase they had summer clinicals and I would have been done sooner (and they are alot cheaper)

    Either one is a great choice
  7. by   ErinT
    I graduated from Abington in May of 2007~ they way the tuition works, is that it's about $7,000/year for two years, but if you work at the hospital for two years after graduation, you're tuition is forgiven and you don't owe anything. You pretty much go to nursing school for free!
    I loved it, by the way. You get very close to the staff since the class sizes are so small, and in 2006, they had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX for both the day and evening/weekend programs.
    If anyone has any questions about Abington's nursing school, feel free to ask me!

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