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What is the current income for a RN right out of school and what unit would allow the most experience?

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I graduated and worked in PA for about 3 months before moving..

I had friends who worked in the larger hospitals (Hershey, Allentown, CHOP) and I beleive their rates were around 22ish an hour.

I worked in a smaller hospital and started out at 18.75. Not the best, but I loved the people there.

What area of PA are you considering working in?

As for what unit would give the most experience...hmm..they always say med surg is good to have, but its up to you. If you want NICU or PEDS or Onc, go for it. Its nice to have the med surg experience, but you dont have to.

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Check out Salary Wizzard

Under select job category choose "healthcare nursing". One can check metro areas of state or search by zip code. You can then choose nursing role for more exact info. New grads choose RN or LPN staff nurse, 25th percentile for beginner salary.

Hope that helps!

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